Night reading light a candle in your heart to light up your life say thank you to yourself and move on

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Light a candle in your heart to illuminate your life.Say thank you and move on.Napoleon Hill said, “There is not much difference between people, only a small difference between a positive attitude and a negative attitude, and it is that small difference that makes the difference 20 years later.”If there is light in your heart, you will light up every darkness in your life.Su Shi was always very particular about food, and even regarded himself as a epicure.After being demoted to Huangzhou, although half life down and out, but also enjoy themselves, and did not feel sorry for themselves.Overlooking the Haohao River, he thought of the future food: “The Yangtze River around guo know the beauty of fish, bamboo mountains feel the fragrance of bamboo shoots.”He personally cook, hold the gun, dagger, cooked delicious fish soup to treat, but also recorded the detailed method of fish soup.Those who love life must have light in their hearts and flowers all the way.Life on the road of sunshine, there is wind and rain, there are surprises, there are accidents.There is light in the heart, along with prosperity and adversity grow, illuminate life, slow “cook” life, royal wind forward.There was once an old professor who came into the classroom with a beautiful glass in his hand.When the student praised the cup, the professor pretended to miss and let the cup fall to the ground and break.The students made waves of regret.The professor said: you must feel sorry for this cup, but no matter how sorry you are, you can not recover the cup. In the future, if something irreparable happens in your life, please remember this broken cup.Life is full of regrets. No one’s life is smooth sailing.The winter chill is over, can spring be far behind?Wind and rain life, bearing the weight of life, rising and falling, recording the ups and downs of life.Sunny sunshine, rain, listen to the sound, there is light in the heart, even if the rain, can also illuminate the heart of the dark.The ancients said, “millennium dark room, a light is bright.”To light a candle in your heart, there is light in your heart, can tolerate others, can accept the imperfect self.With sincerity, both healing themselves, but also warm others, not afraid of life long mountain water.The city is a sea of people, but sometimes, we feel lonely.Looking at the traffic, do you often think about the next month’s mortgage and living expenses?There is a sentence in Su Shi’s book, “This place of peace is my hometown.”Sentient beings, rushing about all day hard, the fate of the agitation, nothing can not help people.Take out the courage, brave to face the sun, shadow nature behind.We can’t control our destiny, but we can control our hearts.When Wang Yangming was 35 years old, he offended the great eunuch Liu Jin and was exiled to Longchang, Guizhou province.After suffering wang Yangming, and under orders to suppress bandits.Effective officer is only a literati, the road to suppress bandits, many difficulties, but Wang Yangming, hard work, success.Wang Yangming dying words: “this heart bright, also answer what words?”In the flood of life, discipline yourself and sharpen your will, and you will soon stand out from hardship.As long as there is candle light in the heart, the end of the suffering, is a bright future.In the journey of life, thank you for not abandoning, not giving up, regain confidence, continue to move forward.Click a like, welcome to pay attention to, let you and I encourage each other!Author: Under the green