Saturday 12 February football match recommended full list with score

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002 huddersfield vs Sheffield united at 20:30 two teams, fe 3 minus 4 win 1 draw, the recent situation from both teams are very good, and before the battle between two teams are also are winning or losing, power is on a par, as recent performance is also very good at home to 10 games unbeaten, take points clear at home today.Nottingham Forest v Stoke City kick-off time: 23:01600 Nottingham against stoke city 3-3-4, ranking sixth in the league table of Nottingham, the same as the seventh integral, outside the location is not stable, recent 10 foot team fighting spirit, winning four games in five games, is to win four straight at home, and stoke city six points according to the home only, average play on the road,Nottingham must win to secure sixth place.Match Recommendation Score Prediction 2-1 1-0 half-match win draw 017 Birmingham v Luton Kick-off time 23:00 luton 3-0 recent 3-1 outstanding record, currently ranked eighth in luton championship with 10 9 points, are the top two apart just a minute, coupled with the recent fighting spirit Nearly 10 games in all competitions have seven wins and two draws 1 negative outstanding performance, in contrast, Birmingham last 10 games only 1 win, today’s bullish on luton is bound to take all three points,Win.Match recommended negative score forecast 0-2, 1-2 half match negative, draw, negative 2 series recommended 002 win +017 sp3.96 series a long string