Shanghai uncle saw the northeast daughter-in-law’s New Year’s Eve dinner, dare not move chopsticks, net friend: I also dare not eat

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Yesterday was The New Year’s Eve, people have to sun their own New Year’s Eve dinner, China’s vast territory and abundant resources, New Year’s Eve dinner regardless of wealth, reflects the local characteristics.A Shanghai uncle also posted his daughter-in-law’s New Year’s Eve dinner in northeast China, and joked that when he saw the dinner, he was too scared to move his chopsticks. This remark immediately attracted a group of netizens, saying that Shanghai men are too melodramatic. But after seeing the food, he also said, if it were me, I would not dare to eat it!This is the northeast characteristic skin jelly, made with pig skin, Shanghai uncle who has never tasted this dish, I feel a little “ha firmly” when I see this dish, in fact, the taste is very good.When the pork skin is boiled and then cooled, it solidifies with the soup, which has a high nutritional value.Fried silkworm pupae, rich in protein, silkworm pupae and spleen and stomach, to rheumatism, changyang qi function, eat up the feeling of bursting pulp, people like to eat 100 never tire of eating, some people see this kind of insects do food, from the heart feel terror.If you can’t eat the last course, it will be more difficult to follow the chopsticks. This is a famous dish in northeast China.This dish is characterized by its crisp and delicious flavor, and those who have not eaten it cannot imagine what it is like to put it into their mouth.Finally see the normal vegetables, but green onion, pepper, coriander, clean on the table, dip in sauce to eat directly, in the eyes of Shanghai uncle, this is the seasoning used for cooking, how good to eat raw?Blood sausage is a dish that people in northeast China like very much. The pig’s blood is mixed with seasonings and then poured into casings, tied tightly and steamed. When eating, it is sliced and eaten directly, or stewed with sauerkraut.Spicy fried pork liver, fresh pork liver cut into thin slices, a little pickle, fire stir-fry into pickled pepper, fresh and tender delicious, sour and spicy, this dish uncle can also eat, but unfortunately can not eat spicy.Smoked sauce pig’s feet, in northeast China for the Spring Festival, smoked sauce food is indispensable on the table, the smell of smoked sauce rich, pig’s feet full of collagen, it is a pity that my uncle can not accept the taste of smoked sauce.Later, I specially cooked boiled prawns, beef sauce and braised pork in brown sauce for my uncle. We had a happy year together.It has been said that when you go to northeast China, it doesn’t matter what food you eat, as long as you have wine. Without food, you can still drink very happily.