The Lakers failed in all three trades.Will focus on the buyout market, unwilling to give up a first-round pick to trade Westbrook

2022-07-30 0 By

The 2021-22 NBA regular season kicks off on February 11, Beijing time.As of today, the NBA trading season is officially over.In the final trading session, the Lakers still did not move.According to ESPN Fame, the Lakers will focus on the buyout market, as they will need to cut players to make room for roster spots on their full 15-man roster.Still, the Lakers didn’t make a deal, but they didn’t try.According to Brian Windhorst, the Lakers have been aggressively pursuing The Knicks’ Reish, and the knicks and lakers were close to a deal but failed.Evan Massey reports that the Lakers have been in talks with the Magic about a trade for Terrence Rose.The Magic want to trade Rose for a first-round pick.The asking price was later reduced to two second-round picks, but that didn’t happen either.Terrence Rose is averaging 10.9 points, 2.6 rebounds and two assists in 24.4 minutes per game so far this season.And the most attention fans, is undoubtedly about westbrook trade dynamic.”Nothing happened yesterday, nothing happened today,” fagan said. “It was so easy, a phone call from the Lakers, it was easier than most deals.”It was previously reported that Houston asked the Lakers to place the 2027 first round in a wall/Westbrook swap, but the Lakers weren’t willing.According to salary expert Bobby Marks, “The Lakers don’t have the $5 – $16 million midrange contracts that the Cavs did.As I said last week, it’s math. Limited resources of draft picks don’t work.”At 26-30, the lakers are ninth in the Western Conference, one game behind the eighth-place Clippers and five games behind the sixth-place Denver Nuggets.