The man fell into a coma after drinking a bottle of white wine in 5 minutes. The doctor said he had stopped breathing and heart rate for nearly 20 hours

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At noon on February 17, an unidentified man was in a coma after being drunk in a hotel. He was sent to Zhengzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for emergency treatment for 20 hours and still did not wake up.At the same time, zhengzhou Public Security Bureau Zhongyuan Branch Linshanzhai police station, all efforts to query drunk identity fruitless.In view of the urgency of the situation, Linshan Village police station announced a telephone emergency search.At about 11:30 on February 17, a middle-aged man in a black cotton-padded jacket went to a restaurant located in the middle street of the Fourth Korean cotton factory alone.Ordered a few dishes, and a bottle of Niulanshan Erguotou.Wang, the restaurant’s owner, recalled that the man sat in the front hall and cooked a whole bottle of “niu Er” in less than five minutes before the dishes were served.Then he ordered another bottle of wine and drank it, but he didn’t finish the second bottle.”Though he drinks too violently, being a guest, I cannot ask any more questions.”Boss Wang told reporters that the middle-aged guests eat and drink for a while, lying prone on the table fell asleep.At about 13:30, the waiter went up to ask if he wanted to settle the bill, but “asked him how to settle the bill, he did not say.When I asked him about his family, he would not tell me, and his tears kept streaming down his face.Then he went to the back of the hotel and fell asleep.We thought he might be a deadbeat, so we called 110 for help.”Zhao Wei and Wang Chao, police officers of Linshanzhai Police Station of Zhongyuan District Public Security Bureau, rushed to the scene immediately after receiving the police.Zhao Wei, a police officer, told reporters that the middle-aged man did not have a mobile phone and could not find his ID card.Lying on the floor drunk and in poor health, the shopkeeper had to call 120 again.120 Ambulance arrived, the drunken middle-aged man was rushed to the nearby Zhengzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.Police officer Wang Chao said that in the afternoon and late into the night, the hospital repeatedly called the police station to verify the identity of the drunk man and inform him of his dangerous physical condition.The identity is difficult to determine, the police announced that the hospital received a call for help, On February 17 at 15, 17, 19, until 22, Linshanzhai police station has sent many batches of police, at the scene as the center of the radius of 1.5 kilometers, soldiers score road visit investigation.”We took photos of him and searched the nearby living quarters of Construction West Road, Workers Road and Cotton Spinning Road, but to no avail.”Zhao Wei police officer told reporters that the police also constantly consult 110 headquarters, query personnel lost clues, also can not find consistent information.”We made repeated attempts to identify him through facial recognition, but he remained unconscious and could not open his eyes.”On the morning of February 18, the Linshanzhai police station sent part of the police to search for the identity of the drunk man despite the busy police situation.At 10:00 am, the reporter with the Linshan Village police station police Su Linxia, Song Wei came to zhengzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the man is still in the emergency treatment area.Hospital surgical director of the physician hong-tao zhang and emergency department director LuYuFen told police the man since 14 February 17 PM was taken to hospital, has been in a coma, meantime accompanied by vomiting, hematemesis, convulsions, and so on and so forth repeatedly, once stop breathing, heartbeat, has nearly 20 hours, the rescue is still not out of danger.At present, the patient has been put on a ventilator, and the hospital is doing its best to organize rescue efforts in a humanitarian spirit, but the situation is not optimistic.According to the introduction, the man is about 40 years old, about 1.73 meters tall, slim.Hope that those who know can contact the police in time, Linshan Village police station telephone: 0371-67449181.