Village primary school, where is the school

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Rural primary school can not go up heat search, but let a person tear heart crack lung.”Rural primary schools” refer to those in some remote areas of rural towns with few teachers and students, or even “concentrated primary schools with one teacher and one excellent”.Our school used to be a full-time primary school. However, with the reform of the national economic system and the development and change of rural economy, a large number of rural residents flocked to the town, which led to the shortage of students and teachers in the original primary school in rural areas. As a result, the number of students in the school became smaller and smaller.If the number of students is low, does the school withdraw or keep them?This is a question with no fixed answer.Schools were abolished, making it more difficult for students to attend school;Reserve schools, resulting in a waste of teacher resources, it is difficult to ensure the balanced development of education.Because of the dilemma, decision makers in some areas make arbitrary decisions, which seriously affects the normal operation of education in Baicheng area.In Zhenlai County, the conflict between withdrawal and protection is more acute.Eventually, most of the “rural primary schools” were withdrawn, such as Tahai Primary school, Mianxi Primary School and Laiming Primary School.The troubles brought to the villagers are definitely not easy to eliminate.Take The Heiyubao town of Zhenlai County as an example. A few years ago, with the implementation of the policy of relocating rural areas and the implementation of the policy of removing and transforming small villages, the situation of “one division and one excellence” has been significantly improved, or basically does not exist.The problem that exists recently is, the number of some primary school students drops sharply, the circumstance of special post teacher to post is more and more outstanding.The result that classics each party negotiates is: the village outside dividing central primary school is small, can withdraw withdraw.As a result, schools with fewer residents such as He Sihai Primary School, Mianxi Primary school, Laiming primary school and other schools have been withdrawn.2021 village can not keep the teacher, but also normal, also abnormal.Without good working and living conditions, to retain good teachers, there must be a policy bias.For example, our rural primary school teachers receive subsidies of 500 yuan per month, and rural primary school teachers of 300 yuan per month.Shirking the responsibility of local administrative departments and educational departments, it is the local folks who are suffering!Zhenlai County black fish bubble town Bao Jintai village, only the first grade, the second grade children have been in Bao Jintai primary school.Now, Bao Jintai village has more than 200 households.Now the school, the third grade up, including the third grade students, already face every day to take the school bus, to four or five kilometers away from the town of Black Fish bubble central primary school.Our hearts are full of mixed feelings, there is always a taste in the heart.Sparse students.What about villages without schools that can’t be moved in time to become empty tenements again?This also won’t be our poverty alleviation work one big leak seat!Zhenlai County Bao Jintai village primary school outside the other rural areas?We need to think, there are many, we must do, there are many, many more.Education is a task, a responsibility, a conscience, and a development. It needs rules, but it cannot be a spoonful.Targeted poverty alleviation, targeted poverty alleviation, relocation, compulsory education, quality education, balanced development of education and other issues have to be put on the agenda.