Volvo XC40 pure electric edition brand new launch tasting meeting

2022-07-30 0 By

No fear of low temperature, instant electricity.Beijing Haizhi Volvo 4S Store XC40P6 launch tasting will invite you to attend.Volvo XC40 pure electric version P6 model broke the ice, and the yu electric.P6 models provide two configuration versions, namely Zhiya Sport version and Zhizunsport version. The official direct price starts from 257,000 yuan. Driven by a single motor and combined with a new power battery, it brings lighter weight and longer battery life.XC40 Pure electric P6 official direct selling price (unit:Not long ago, Volvo XC40 pure electric version completed a harsh “ice breaking action” in hailar test site, after the baptism of low temperature, XC40 pure electric version strong ice breaking out.The battery is the heart of an electric car, and the challenge showcased the safety and performance of the all-electric XC40’s battery at low temperatures.As a Nordic luxury car brand, Volvo cars has an unbeatable “cold genes”, and the XC40 can run easily after two days and nights frozen in -30C ice, thanks to BMS’s refined battery management.In addition, the battery pack adopts “low thermal insulation source barrier, automatic warning and millisecond rapid power failure” and other six core technologies of fire control temperature, can fully ensure the reliability and safety of the battery, but also set a new safety benchmark for the pure electricity industry.The Volvo XC40 battery has a “skynet level” of 50 temperature monitoring points that monitor the temperature of each module in real time to ensure healthy battery operation.When the battery temperature is below -20 degrees, the system can wake up the vehicle to automatically start the intelligent heating.At the same time, according to the external environment, the system will automatically choose the optimal heating solution between the heat pump system and the PTC system to ensure the range.The new Volvo XC40, the all-electric P6, features a new drive form and battery.The new car adopts the front motor layout, power 170kW, peak torque 330N·m, comprehensive power consumption is only 14.8kwh /100km, CLTC range of 529km.With a capacity of 69kWh, a weight of 450kg and an energy density of 153.3Wh/kg, the new battery pack helps push boundaries on every trip.Date: March 19, 2022 Venue: Beijing Haizhi Volvo 4S Address: No. 11 North Fourth Ring East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing