Why are we so wrong about good foreign coaches and naturalized players?

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Now the team’s in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar out, this year basically no hope, but the fa from top to bottom all attach great importance to the team’s World Cup, in the layout, a few years ago from naturalized players to invite world champion coach marcello lippi coaching, you can see how much to the team’s attention, but now lippi left, naturalized players go about,So how wrong are we about excellent foreign teachers and naturalized players?Now in many people’s eyes, the team’s level is low, who take all useless, this sentence sounds like on the surface of such thing, after all, bad players level now, even if it’s no use for the world’s best coaches to teach, so lippi, nor drive this group of players, so everyone would think lippi coaching, lippi, invited foreign coaches is a waste of money,There are many people who hold this view. Why is it a misunderstanding to teach abroad?Hold the team’s level is too low, who take all useless, even if the world’s best winning coach to also was not used, the view of motion law of the people is totally do not understand, so try so hard, like to get rich quick, you want to reach the World Cup now, win the World Cup, even now in Japan, into the World Cup also has no meaning, the coach is good,Mainly depends on whether he led the national football team progress, whether to bring changes to the national football team?Otherwise, the National football team will always turn around in situ, or even go backwards, and never enter the World Cup.Chinese player level is poor, unable to perform excellent coach advanced tactical, from listen to the words on the surface, as if is not all wrong, but they walked into another misconception, took a side subject to counter this argument, if you are the son of poor results, are you sure you won’t be asking around, where there are cheap and low level of teacher!Instead will also find the best teacher to coach, how do not say, it’s no use to find the best teacher, my son bad grades, head stupid, even if the professor to counselling is useless, on the contrary so much money you need to please the best teacher to coach, illustrates a problem, even if the professor don’t teach a kindergarten children, but can bring change to these children,Isn’t it progress to make them feel good?Huang Qiang thinks that the National football team is out of the game now. Compared with a few years ago, it is not only no progress, but also backward. Whose fault is this?Don’t the football association and the concerned parties pay attention to the results of the National football team?No, on the contrary very seriously, for the sake of the team’s 12 is strong, can play good football association has suspended the domestic Chinese super game, all for the team’s path, is a five-star hotel and charter flights, with professional chef, to national soccer team can have a good state, rather than for many times to intercede with the Asian football confederation, the most suitable time for the team’s game, but the effort and reward is a big gap, the team’s future to progress,Only a large number of naturalized excellent players, invited world-class foreign teachers to teach, only in this way can progress, or ten years, twenty years later, the national football team still can not progress, you think excellent foreign teachers and naturalized players useless?This article is the author huang Qiangwei on sports original article, declined to be reproduced, offenders will investigate!Picture material from the network, if there is something wrong, please contact the author to delete!