Farewell!Zhang Wen died at the age of 103

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On the afternoon of March 27, Zhang Wen, wife of Hong Xuezhi, the founding general of the Red Army and a sichuan-born woman of the Long March, failed to recover due to illness.In Beijing, died at the age of 103, Mr Zhang was born in tongjiang county of sichuan province in June, 1919 flood in a poor peasant family in December 1932, the Chinese red army of workers and peasants and the fourth army founded the sichuan-shaanxi revolutionary base in north sichuan “attends the revolutionary army,” the idea of also when in Mr Zhang’s mind form February 1933 chang wh second brother Zhang Xihan successively backBoth brother and sister were assigned to work in a quilt factory in the supply Department of the Fourth Army of the Red Front Army. Zhang Wen joined the Women’s Red Army of the Communist Party of China in February 1936. Zhang Wen and Hong Xuezhi were married on September 13, 2020 on the long March.Zhang Wen and her husband Hong Xuezhi have spent more than 70 years together.(source:Xinan evening news) retire after Mr Zhang will be the line of sight of the construction of the old has always been a concern to the poor students particularly concerned about the next generation of business growth in 1982 Mr Zhang was hired as female red army Mr Zhang, director of China children’s foundation, in 2020 September 13 HongHui Zhang Wensan daughter said “she was very calm and peaceful walk without any pain, make the family happy!”Hong Wei also recalled her mother’s life, saying that in the last years of her mother Zhang Wen’s life, she was the daughter who accompanied and took care of her most. She accompanied her mother to recall the past of her war years, read fragments of her memoirs to her, told her domestic and foreign news and events, and sang revolutionary songs to her…Hong Wei said, “Although mom left, she did not leave us. Her 89 years of military service and 86 years of party experience is enough for us to learn and inherit for a lifetime!Dear mother, rest in peace!You will always live in our hearts!”Hail to the old Red Army!Go all the way!Source times model release hall wechat public number editor Li Tuo process editor Wu Yue