Lenovo group received a letter of thanks for promoting ice and snow sports in China

2022-07-31 0 By

Previously, the Chinese sports delegation won nine gold MEDALS, four silver MEDALS and two bronze MEDALS at the 24th Winter Olympic Games held in Beijing, achieving the best results in the history of China’s participation in the Winter Olympic Games, and achieving both athletic achievements and spiritual civilization harvest.The delegation not only won honor for the motherland and its people, but also made significant contributions to the successful hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.For a long time, ice and snow sports have been known as the flower of Gaoling. The Winter Olympic Games held in China greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of the people for ice and snow sports, made more people experience the fun of ice and snow sports, and provided a good platform for the cultural exchanges between China and the West, which also showed the glory and prosperity of ice and snow sports.After the match, Lenovo received a letter of thanks from the Winter Sports Administration Center of the General Administration of Sport of China.They said: in the development of ice and snow sports in our country, the complete success of the Beijing Olympics in the process of training for the competing tasks, lenovo group with a high degree of political responsibility and historic sense of mission, the courage to bear, conscientious, help, to achieve “the item” “gives prize competition” provides a powerful guarantee, played an important role, and made a positive contribution!Here, I would like to extend our high respect to your unit and express our heartfelt thanks!Thus, Lenovo is recognized by more and more people, and its reputation is getting better and better.Also let us see a big enterprise shall have the responsibility and play, in the domestic economy has a rapid development, brings to the enterprise’s economic dividends, lenovo is no longer just focus on their own development, with the universe in the eyes of my heart, for many years engaged in public welfare undertakings, and also take on the affairs of state with a large enterprise should have social responsibility.In addition, Lenovo believes that to be a good company with long-term development, it not only needs to operate commercial value, but also needs to pay attention to public value, which are complementary to each other.The ultimate goal of ESG is to enable enterprises to achieve sustainable development, which should be continued, standardized, innovative and valuable, and combined with their own businesses.Lenovo Group has been struggling in the professional field for many years, and has never interrupted the opening of public welfare activities to make its own contribution to the society.A good enterprise can be taken from the people and used by the people.I believe that in the future, there will be more enterprises to achieve success with lenovo’s empowerment and help.(The content and accuracy of the information published on this platform shall be solely borne by the original unit or organization that provides the information!)