New Year school season traffic police to escort

2022-07-31 0 By

February 17 is my county, primary schools and kindergarten first day, in order to ensure the safety of students to school, Ningyang County public Security Bureau traffic police brigade scientific arrangement, precise deployment, the organization of police auxiliary police good “guard guard”, strengthen the campus surrounding traffic safety management work, to ensure the school traffic order and teachers and students travel safety.Ningyang traffic police in accordance with the requirements of the county bureau, combined with the number of students in each school in previous years, intersection traffic flow situation, scientific and reasonable deployment of police, on duty in advance, strengthen the school surrounding road traffic order management.Nursing post police auxiliary police to ensure the priority of the school bus, carefully command the orderly parking of vehicles, guide students to cross the road safely, remind students’ parents and past drivers to slow down.At the same time, we will strengthen the regulation of traffic violations such as disorderly parking, reverse driving, overcrowding and overloading of electric tricycles and vans around the campus to ensure that the roads around the school are unimpeded.In the process of duty, all staff to maintain a strict police appearance, civilized duty, standard guidance, with excellent style and excellent quality in front of the majority of parents and teachers and students to establish a good traffic police image.On the first day of school, Ningyang traffic police sent out more than 60 police officers, 30 cars, the campus gate did not happen for a long time traffic congestion and road traffic accidents, effectively ensure the traffic safety on the first day of school.