Tall and handsome!This good voice from Qingdao was featured in CCTV’s Lantern Festival gala

2022-07-31 0 By

At the CCTV Lantern Festival gala last night, Zheng Yunlong, a stage actor and leading singer from Qingdao, joined with zhou Bichang and other stars to perform “Selling Tangyuan”.Zheng Yunlong is a post-90s stage actor who was born in Qingdao. He graduated from the Musical Theater department of Beijing Dance Academy in 2009. He is also involved in musicals, drama and film and television dramas.As a musical singer, Zheng yunlong has made his professional appearance in numerous musical and drama stages.Zheng Yunlong, who came into the public eye from the stage of “Sound into people’s Hearts”, has been putting all his life focus on the stage and art for many years, and has been invited to participate in large-scale CCTV evening parties.Zheng, along with li Jing and Zhou Bichang, performed songs, dances and crosstalk at CCTV’s Lantern Festival gala.In the show, he stood on the stage in an embroidered suit, handsome and tall, with perfect handsomeness.