The two black boxes are more than 30 meters apart, experts said, and their positions may reflect this important information

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The second black box from the doomed China Eastern Airlines flight has been found at a depth of 1.5 meters in the eastern slope of the core crash zone, Xinhua reported.Lin Dong (pseudonym), a professor of aircraft design at a university in western China, said on March 27 that the location of the two black boxes reflects the direction in which the tail of the plane was broken off, and data from the two black boxes may be able to recover the cause of the accident.Xue Yang, an expert on civil aviation, said the discovery of the flight data recorder had accelerated the investigation into the cause of the accident, but would not release the contents of the preliminary investigation report submitted to the International Civil Aviation Organization.According to CCTV news, the “March 21” China Eastern airlines flight accident of the second black box was found 5 degrees south east of the impact point, 40 meters away from the impact point, 1.5 meters deep from the ground.The location of the first black box was found in the topsoil about 20 meters southeast of the main impact site, indicating that the other black box may not be too far apart, Wang Yanan, chief editor of aviation Knowledge under the Chinese Aviation Society, told media earlier.From the location of the second black box found, just confirmed wang Yanan’s previous judgment.According to Lin Dong (pseudonym), a professor of aircraft design at a university in western China, the two black boxes may have broken off their tails when they hit the ground and were thrown into the position where they were found.Xue Yang, an expert in related fields, said that the second black box was found under 1.5 meters of soil on the slope. Extreme factors such as impact and fire have been considered in the design of the black box, and the slope is mainly soft soil.The internal data and related records in the black box are highly likely to be intact.Xue Yang said, according to the orientation of the two black boxes are found, and calculate the distance from the point of impact, they two black box was found to be the location of the distance is only more than 30 meters, it is also important data, the next step is focused on the second black box can provide much of the data that reflect the state of the data and ground observers see state of aircraft at the time of the accident,Can form logical mutual support, verification, etc.Boeing 737-800 model is equipped with two flight recorder Pictures from the network released a preliminary report content will not lintong (a pseudonym), according to the analysis of the two black box position reflects the tail section may be broken, when the plane slammed into the ground by two black box data, possible can restore the accident reason.The next step is the focus of the investigation data, the cockpit voice recorder storage unit there is a certain damage but relatively complete, and just find the second flight data recorder, two black box data read, depends on how long does it take to analysis group of experts to analyze the data, and then gives the analysis conclusion, this will take time to read,And then synthesize other factors, and finally form the consensus conclusion of experts.Xue Yang told Jimu news that it was difficult to determine the interpretation time of the two black boxes, ranging from about 10 days to more than half a year, but the successful recovery of the second black box has accelerated the investigation process of the cause of the accident.According to common practice, the civil aviation authorities should submit a preliminary investigation report to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) within 30 days after the accident. The investigation will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of Annex 13 of the International Civil Aviation Organization convention (ICAO). At the same time, each country will conduct the investigation in accordance with its own rules and regulations, and the contents of the preliminary report will not be published.Liu Le, a civil aviation veteran, said the investigation into the cause of the crash needs a rigorous scientific process, and more importantly, it needs to be supported by key evidence from various aspects.Generally speaking, weather factors, operation error, mechanical failure, external destruction are likely to cause air disaster.Therefore, the two black boxes need to verify each other, from the cockpit voice recorder has been found, can verify whether the crew error or external sabotage, while the flight data recorder can show us the weather conditions at the time of the accident, mechanical aspects of whether there is a problem.Xue Yang also said in an interview with Jimu news reporters that for different accidents, the two analysis of the cause of the accident play a different role.More important in the crash was the flight data recorder, the newly recovered flight data recorder (FDR).The crew response time is extremely limited because of the rapid descent of the aircraft, and the cabin voice recorder may not take long to record the sound of the aircraft after it loses control.The flight data recorder can record more than 60 kinds of data.Sixteen of them are important required data, such as the aircraft’s acceleration, attitude, thrust, oil, control surface position and so on. These are important data to judge the operation state of the aircraft when the accident occurs. Therefore, the second black box may play a key role in analyzing the cause of the accident.Source: Extreme News