Wolves reporter quashes trade rumors for Beverly!Nets ready to part with All-Star, Wizards sold

2022-07-31 0 By

Beverley was sent to the Timberwolves this season, but after less than a season, beverley is already on the shelf.It follows media reports that the Timberwolves intend to send him away in exchange for Smart.However, the recent timberwolves with team reporters broke the news, this is not accurate.Two major team reporters, Darren Wolfson and Jon Krawczynski, both refuted the rumors, saying beverley is unlikely to be traded this season, even though the Timberwolves could trade anyone other than Edwards and Towns by the end of the season,Fans can still see Beverly playing for the Timberwolves.This offseason, Paul milsap choose to join the nets, but after entering the nets, he was given the opportunity to few fundamental, appearance of the game did not make good contribution to the team, so both sides are going to leave on good terms, according to previous media revealed that the nets plan to send him to go, and can let Paul milsap freedom specified,According to Michal Scotto, the Nets say they’re only one second round away from acquiring him, but the bulls, who are interested in him, prefer to wait until he’s bought out and then sign him, rather than trade him.There is no doubt that Paul milsap in nets don’t adapt to, but as a space power forward, in fact, he still have oil, so the news from the nets want to trade him, there are many teams to the olive branch, but for such a veteran in exchange for a second round, some do not appropriate, is a very poor deal.Given millsap’s current position on the trade market, there’s a good chance millsap won’t get the second round he wants, and there’s a good chance millsap will be offered a buyout.After trading westbrook for the top seed in the Eastern Conference this season, the Wizards have found their true form, falling to 12th place and a precarious playoff spot.Team reporter John Robbins also spoke with the media about Bertans, who shoots above league average, but wizards reporters don’t think his offensive firepower can make up for his defensive prowess.When he doesn’t shoot well, it’s hard to compensate defensively.Adding to the problem is bertans, who is under $16 million for next season and has two more years left on his contract, is no problem with negative equity.For the performance of Andrew bell, can only say that the wizards management to give him a big contract, did not consider his future will be reduced to this point, the consensus has been reached, the general manager of the team in the league, if you want to accept bear stearns the garbage contract, wizards must be labeled as other assets, is at least a second round draft picks.It would be a real loss for the Wizards.But keeping Bertans would have dealt a further blow to the team in the face of the team’s decline, and might as well have put up some assets and let him go.