Zhong from the legend of the mission

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Name scene: almost got, no one more than I understand rock Lord Guan Hong is a terminally ill female ticket guest?Conversations with a few of my table mates (the face, the beanies) and the pamphlet all suggested something fishy on board.There are gods in traveler games, but what’s the reality?Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun!”Loser” is a great dub, both serious and regretful.The adult male subjects of the Salt God.It’s supposed to be a statement of regret and a hint of sarcasm and sure enough, he said he took it as a lesson.The legendary mission of Jongli is of really high quality, especially the first part about the salt god.It was an amazing experience to play In The Secret World, where the people who were frozen in salt came to life (after all, the living were frozen in their last moments), fled or feared or prayed.However, the death of even the weakest god is too powerful for the human body to bear.In Tiwat the gods of the utmost kindness and the gods of the utmost cruelty had disappeared.Besides, the winter kingdom merchant is really annoying and has no emotional intelligence.The salt goddess, in fact, can find the corresponding in life – you can go to the Internet.Since he was already a loser, he can only console himself by saying, History books are written by victors.As Jongli said before, Heria’s people do not need to do anything, if her people really want to go to other gods, how can she stop?As you can imagine, when the assassin stabbed her through the heart, her last words were not complaint, hate, or confusion, but: “Run, run, call everyone, run” (the power of death consumes everything around it, turning them into white salt).Salt God, The story of Heuria reminds me of an episode of the Journey to Chino.(See fast food here:https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV163411t7Wh?share_source=copy_web), however, is perhaps the original game audience generally young and naive, god looked at the three body didn’t even seen three body in this expose disdained attitude,And even hurled the worst curses at this gentle fiend.What I want to say is: 1. As works of art themselves, the concepts espouses by gods and demons are all towards a kind of “ism”. Morax’s reverence for the concept of “contract” is so extreme that he makes contracts for everything.So you can’t fully translate their ideas into reality, which many people don’t realize.The best evaluation for Mr. Wu leah, I can feel or clock from the most appropriate: “hope she live in a more tender age” against is that without the bottom line of kindness and goodness, not against the kindness, more is not to the law of the jungle, the law of the jungle moshen war just means, not the goal.The second chapter.Got it. From now on, it’ll be much easier to fly with Piper guiding the faeries to open the chest.He even took the risk of sending A monk with four characters and then bushi in the dust kettle. No wonder Thor said:Had a narrow squeak “only the most close to” eternal, don’t know when legs want to run away, when the results only 1 drop of blood (and then go out was killed by a wild boar was got a puzzling achievement) elements and biological life is probably the longest (slime yyds) in biology, the life expectancy of the population than ancient categories of bacteria and viruses,They lived for billions of years with a very simple biological structure.Human history spans the universe for only a fraction of a second.And it is likely that humans have wiped out bacteria and viruses, and primitive cells have survived.They’ve survived time after time, they’ve survived mass extinctions, they’ve lived without wisdom — a truly intelligent race is one that has no wisdom.Re (Re) The story of King Dolong has no waves, and Kun Jun can easily guess his true identity.Plain and simple.The legend mission of Zhong Li mainly focuses on recalling zhong Li’s past events and showing another side of him to travelers.