Awesleepy: The waking day is awesleepy, a college girl vs a needy wheelchair teenager, cured and saved

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Book title: Wake up day is return time author: contains yan Brief introduction Zhuo Yun to zhao wake up return the first day that do private education, endure after two hours, solemnly say to him: sorry, my level is not good, afraid is teach you.Zhao Xinggui hung his eyes: Teacher Zhuo, try again tomorrow, ok?· Zhuo Yun to Zhao Xinggui tutor the second day, after two hours, said to Zhao mother: SORRY, I am not good, afraid I can not teach xiao Zhao.Zhao mother red eyes: Zhuo teacher, tomorrow try again, you do not have pressure.· Zhuo Yun to Zhao Xinggui as a tutor on the third day, and endured two hours, or decided to leave the job.And zhao mother showdown, sitting in a wheelchair young boy appeared at the door of the room, only coldly left a sentence “you are so irresponsible,” he slammed on the door.· Zhuo Yun panic!This classmate please calm down, I only gave you three days of class, don’t make it like I slag you.Not necessary!Salty Fish warm female college students vs handsome sticky wheelchair teenager, cure redemption, male chasing female, flat warm wind, sister and brother love, age difference of 3 years.At the beginning, she is a junior, beautiful, good grades, and good family conditions.A strange combination of circumstances, by the classmate place, pretend to be the other side to apply for a tutor, and male hero had the intersection thereby.Male master should be a senior three, which know a year and a half ago in a basketball accident, male master spinal cord injury, directly became paralyzed, since then has been in the hospital and home recuperation, daily also need wheelchair.Now I plan to relearn the contents of senior one, so my family plans to hire a tutor.Male master really pretty miserable, originally was god’s favored son, good family, handsome, grades have been firmly ranked in the first three grades, basketball, fan sister a lot of.To go through this accident and fall from heaven to hell.All the men look at the eyes, with pity, feel that his life is over.Long – term by such vision, not inferiority inferiority.The hero also has a little psychological trauma, do not want to communicate with others, shut up himself, outsiders see is arrogant and paranoid.Female, because of personality reasons, a little heartless.Originally just to go through the process, which know by accident was male master look, let her come when their tutor.She is direct, sincere speech, in get along, men unconsciously pour out their hearts, feel and she is very happy, she can understand yourself.But she is just a fake, afraid of losing the horse.Since then, is the younger brother all kinds of beg elder sister when tutor, elder sister tries to evade, two people interaction is funny.Then the male master can not, can only accept another tutor, or female master junior.Result the other party is a wonderful flower, looking at calm honest, private male master photo on the Internet, a pair of compassion, the image of the savior.She saw the circle of friends, angry, rushed crown a anger for red brother.Plus men have learned that she posing as this thing, a variety of factors, she still became men’s tutor.Then, two people began to get along with the daily.Male master looked at the cold light, the result is a sticky strange, a word is not installed grievance.Such a handsome brother, she simply can not carry, male master said what is what ha ha ha.In the process of getting along with each other, the male hero’s dusty heart was opened little by little, and he was willing to go out and accept his true self now.She looked at the optimist, the original family is a long story, father is a scum.For their own interests, also she set a fiance.Fiance has a girlfriend, and she entangled, a pair of love saint appearance, is also absolutely.Later slag father more because of debt, soft // ban female and mother……Rest assured, with our male hero in, she will have the courage to resist everything.Two people together, is slowly warm each other’s process.Of course, at first because of the age gap and identity issues, the heroine chose to reject her brother.She felt that men may just be young people fall in love with him, or perhaps rely on, and not the real love.But men will use their own firm love, step by step influence Japanese.Two people go together is just a matter of time, male main parents is the strongest assist Hey hey.The whole story is a very warm story, the plot is not too big waves, get along with very everyday.But it’s very sweet, like reading the stories of people around you.Supporting all the way are very eyes, such as Japanese girlfriends, tying his younger brother, uncle seedling and edge Lin, etc., are shaping up very solid containing Yan is word of mouth the author, more than men, for the disabled style to cure warm, “the hollow men” the hedgehog principle “dreams come true” “what qin reasonable” the racketeer to turn over a car “lonely whale” my Mr Ostriches are worth a look!Welcome to pay attention to every day for 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