“Daughter-in-law, two more sets of dowry house, we 13 people can enjoy the city.” “Good.”

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We are in the marriage life, often hear the argument of the family, in fact, such a view is very applicable in the marriage.Because only two people’s family conditions are basically on the same level, then two people can better into marriage, and before marriage or marriage will avoid a lot of contradictions.If two people’s family conditions are too different, it is inevitable that when they get married, the poor party will have some desire for money, and these aspirations will be reflected in the bride price or dowry they ask for.However, this practice will also make the other party have antipathy, and even lose hope for the marriage of two people, thus ruining the marriage of two people.In fact, if the family conditions are too different from the two people together, there will be no good results.Because if the economic conditions of two families are too different, then two people must be different in thinking.Therefore, this will make the marriage of two people not lasting.So if in life, you find yourself and your other half of the family gap is too big, then we must carefully consider the things between the two people.Recently, Hu broke up with her boyfriend on the eve of their wedding because of her mother-in-law’s insatiable desire.Hu Yaxin’s family conditions are very good, because her parents have their own companies, so Hu Yaxin has been very extravagant in money since childhood.Because Hu is the only daughter in her family, her parents have no restrictions on her spending money.Therefore Hu Yaxin start from my childhood living in the princess general, but also because Hu Yaxin family conditions, is really too good, so the Hu Yaxin side also often there will be a lot of false friends, they are not really want to make friends with Hu Yaxin, but simply because Hu Yaxin family conditions and chose to close to her.But although Hu has many so-called friends and suitors around her, hu knows that they all choose to pursue her because of their family conditions, or are friends with her.So she didn’t want to pick one of them to be her boyfriend.So she hasn’t been in a relationship.Later, when hu went to college, he found a very different person in school.Even after knowing her family conditions, she did not show any interest in herself, which also made her feel very novel, so she began to pay attention to the boy.The boy hu yaxin said was dong Guowang.He was born in a poor family, and going to college was the beginning of his destiny, so he was not interested in anything other than study.But this also made Hu yaxin have a strong interest in dong Guowang, so after hu and Dong knew each other for a period of time, they began to pursue him.Although Dong guowang chose to refuse because of the family gap between them at the beginning, Hu Yaxin did not choose to give up, so under her unremitting pursuit, they began to talk about love.Preparing for Marriage after graduation After Dong Guowang and Hu Yaxin graduated, Hu Yaxin first proposed marriage with Dong Guowang.However, Dong guowang thinks the two people’s family conditions are too different, even if they want to marry, Hu yaxin’s parents will not agree to marry their daughter.So he felt that he should ask Hu Yaxin’s parents first, and then decide whether two people get married to get married.Did not think of Dong Guowang after meeting Hu Yaxin’s parents, there is no original he imagined the kind of difficult.Although Hu Yaxin’s parents were very rich, they thought their son-in-law’s personality was the most important thing, not money, because they could provide money for them, so they did not object to their marriage.Therefore, after obtaining the consent of Hu yaxin’s parents, the marriage was put on the agenda.Before marriage, meeting their parents was an essential part of the process, so Dong soon intervened his parents from the countryside.After dong Guowang’s parents knew their daughter-in-law’s family condition was very superior, they were also very happy and satisfied with her.After Dong’s parents arrived, the parents of the two families met soon after.Hu yaxin’s parents, knowing dong’s poor family, also offered to marry their daughter a house and a car.Because Dong Guowang is the eldest of the family, and below him, there are two younger sisters and three younger brothers, because the younger siblings did not go to school so early also married, so Dong Guowang’s family is now 13 people.And they know Dong Guowang found a rich girlfriend, all thinking can come to the city inside a cup of soup.Dong’s siblings envied Hu after hu’s parents said they would marry their daughter in an apartment.Since they had been living in the countryside, they wanted to visit the city, and they soon suggested to Dong that his in-laws marry more apartments.Because Dong had always wanted to change his family’s conditions, he did not object to the idea after his siblings proposed it, so Dong’s mother asked her daughter-in-law before the couple married.Dong guowang’s mother soon said to her daughter-in-law, “Daughter-in-law, add two more sets of dower house, our 13 people can enjoy the city.”Hu Yaxin was shocked to hear the requirements of her mother-in-law, and saw Dong Guowang indifferent, she also understood dong Guowang by default the requirements of the mother, which made her reconsider the marriage of two people, but she did not show the surface, just lightly answered “good”.However, When Dong Guowang acquiesced in his mother’s request, Hu Yaxin had been completely disappointed with him.So the next day, he directly told Dong Guowang his idea and called off the marriage between them.This practice not only made Dong Guowang’s mother did not think, but also made Dong Guowang feel very surprised.But Hu yaxin has decided that she does not want to be with a man who only covet his family conditions, so she left Dong Guowang resolutely.So the dong family got nothing in the end.In life, we can often see that, because in marriage, two people’s family conditions are too much different, so many people will covet each other’s family conditions and put forward a lot of excessive requirements.But such practice research, completely contrary to the original intention of two people together because of love.So once the feelings of two people have gone bad, then there is no need to continue.Because there are many people in life who grew up in a very poor family environment, their desire for money is very strong.Therefore, both for them and their parents, they hope very much to find a rich daughter-in-law to change their life.But maybe they’ll be fine until they find someone with money, and then when they find someone else, they’ll show their true colors.So before two people get married, they make a lot of unreasonable demands on their rich partners.And it’s not just them who will benefit, it’s even their families.But this kind of love has completely gone bad.We often see some people in life in order to change their family conditions, they will choose to be with a rich partner.At this point, they have completely abandoned their feelings.All they want is their partner, the money and wealth they bring.However, such a relationship is not only unfair to their partner, but also completely unfair to themselves, and in such a relationship, the marriage of two people is difficult to maintain.So when we choose a partner, we must be thoughtful, do not be blinded by money, otherwise, the final will not be happy.Have you ever met such an insatiable mother-in-law in your life?Welcome to contribute your opinion.