Didi to build carsWhat about the cooperation with BYD?

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In recent years, various companies have begun to enter the automobile industry.And in recent, again broke out didi to do a “Da Vinci plan”, ready to go into the sea to build a car…Okay, what is Didi doing?You’ve already achieved some success in the travel market, and suddenly you want to change careers?Have a sentence how say, change profession poor three years!To tell you the truth, I was skeptical when the news of Didi’s car making came out on the Internet.To build a car, I guess that means another vehicle similar to D1, focusing on the mobility field.In this way, find a manufacturer to cooperate, demand customization is good, no need to do it yourself.But the problem is that didi is now making cars to do C end models…I asked the didi official.Didi did not respond to a request for comment.However, it is worth mentioning that didi’s recruitment of auto-related engineers has been posted on some recruitment platforms.It also proves that Didi really wants to enter the car market.Didi is said to be working on storefronts, which means there will definitely be more than b-end products in the future.Is Didi making cars out of necessity?As early as April 2018, when Didi and 31 automotive industry chain enterprises jointly launched the “Flood Alliance”, Didi Chuxing founder, chairman and CEO Cheng Wei said that “Didi will never build cars”.This resolution is a bit incomplete…I think the removal of Didi APP is one of the main reasons why Didi makes cars.You know, Didi used to be the dominant company!But that’s not the case now, and Didi will have to rely on other platforms, such as its mapping software, if it wants to maintain its share of the market.And in the map software, the optional range of taxi is not only didi, there are a lot of platforms such as Fei Di Taxi, Sunshine travel, Shouqi Chang enjoy, and traditional taxis can also be called.When I use the map to hail a taxi, I always select the same price range, so as to ensure the speed of the taxi.The exit of Didi APP, pushing users behind the map software, is a good thing for users.But for Didi, it is bound to lose some users, and without the APP, they will have fewer sources of new users…According to the financial data disclosed by Didi in the second and third quarters of 2021, didi’s net loss in Q3 2021 increased from 24.271 billion yuan in Q2 to 30.375 billion yuan.That means Didi will have to walk on multiple legs!New energy vehicles are now a huge market, China Automobile Association is expected to sell 5 million new energy vehicles in 2022;The Passenger Association expects sales of new energy passenger vehicles to exceed 5.5 million units in 2022…This is the key reason why there are still enterprises to build cars.Since Didi was originally in the car business, and currently operates customized shuttle buses, freight, autonomous driving, charging networks and other businesses in addition to ride-hailing, it is easier to enter the auto industry than those that are purely crossover.After deciding to build a car, who to hold hands with?Want to know, domestic to build a car or quite strict, not to say you want to create made.You have to have the right qualifications to build cars.There are only three ways to get a license to build cars: you can either go to a contract manufacturer, like Nio;Or it could buy a dying car company, like Xiaopeng.Or build your own factory and apply for a license to build cars, just like a bean.Obviously, the difficulty and cost of the former two are much lower than the latter.For companies like Didi, making cars can’t completely replace the travel business.Therefore, it can be said that building a factory is a straightforward solution to pass.Didi is currently rumoured to be interested in acquiring The Chinese company.On this point, Guotou Jun’s parent company Guoji Automobile also responded on the investor interactive platform.But it was a “yes and no” kind of response, as the family put it: “We are reaching out to a number of companies in our industry to find the right strategic investors.There is no disclosure for the time being, please refer to the announcement disclosed by the company.”Founded in 2017, Guozhijun has its own vehicle manufacturing plant and vehicle manufacturing qualification in Ganzhou, Jiangxi province.Its designed annual production capacity is up to 300,000 units, and the first-phase project can produce 100,000 units annually.However, its visibility, sales did not have any bright results, production capacity is in the stage of serious excess…Therefore, Guoji Automobile has repeatedly expressed in the investor interaction platform that its subsidiary Guotwit Jun is seeking suitable strategic investors.So there’s a good chance they’re holding hands.After all, Didi has accumulated a lot of experience and resources in road data, autonomous driving, charging network and other aspects, which has a great advantage for the future development of China Smart Jun’s new four modernizations.The qualifications, technology and production capacity of Guotwit Junyong can be put into production with a little transformation, which can help Didi to enter the game quickly.For Didi, car manufacturing can give it one more runway, one more profit model and one more confidence in the face of uncertainty in the future.Of course, Didi’s joining the car manufacturing team is also a good thing for the market. After all, after so many years of user data accumulation, it can better understand the needs of users and create products that are more in line with people’s preferences.As for BYD, it has already made some achievements in the field of new energy. The so-called D1 is just a product to help Didi.Whether they cooperate or not, it makes little difference to their family.