Jiangsu two uncle station highway section of the bridge to shoot vehicles, the lens close a look, uncle’s expression bright

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Guide language: two big ye stand on the bridge of highway section pat next illegal vehicle, look together is how one and the same after all.Some time ago, something happened in Jiangsu Province that made everyone laugh.Two men were standing on the highway and holding their mobile phones to take pictures of the illegal vehicles. Because the highway is too crowded, some people can’t wait to cut in line to take the emergency channel when the vehicles are moving slowly.Big ye to this smile like flowers all the time happily recorded, I sat in the car a car owner also captured this picture.Many people have come out to express their opinions on the way the grandfathers did it, and think their move is wise.Looked at the picture he had stood on the bridge at high-speed intersection of peccancy vehicles, everybody has a different view and comment in succession: “two big ye this is playing with fire, if meet with these more savage people finally bear the suffering will be yourself, after all, this kind of practice is to rely on others to earn ill-gotten gains, when photographed peccancy vehicles in a timely manner to report can also get a prize.””Maybe it is because they know this mechanism that they take the initiative to take pictures of illegal vehicles. If you want to know what you have done, you should not take pictures of embarrassing things on the emergency lane. You should not lose your temper when you are caught by others.””They have a unique way of making money that allows you to apply what you’ve learned, so you don’t want to get caught.”Traffic congestion is also a normal phenomenon on the way back to work. No matter in an emergency, traffic rules should not be violated.This kind of action is just to let the young people learn from a fall into the pit.Conclusion: two men stand on the pier of the highway to shoot illegal vehicles.