McKenna will face former world champion Progres in Dubai on March 19

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British super-lightweight boxer Tyrone McKenna has announced that he will return to the ring on March 19, 2022 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.He will face Former WBA super Lightweight world champion Regis Prograis of the United States at the Dubai Tennis Arena.In fact, the match between the two had been foreboding.In recent weeks, the two fighters, both top-10 fighters in the ultra-lightweight category, have been engaged in verbal sparring on social media.Now the verbal contest has finally escalated into a real one.Regis Progres will be the biggest obstacle to Tyren McKenna’s professional boxing career, as the American has a lot of experience fighting the WBC Provisional World Title fight, the WBA World Title fight and the unified World Title fight.His only career loss came in October 2019 against Josh Taylor, who has now unified the entire pro boxing super Lightweight class.Also, Regis Progres has an extremely high KO rate, 22 of his 26 victories have been won by KO, with a KO rate of 81.48%, which is an excellent achievement at a minor level.Tyronn McKenna has never fought for a world title until now. He has lost twice in his career, to Jack Cattrall and Ola Davis, both of whom are capable at the ultra-lightweight level, but neither is a top fighter.So a lot of people were worried about Tyronn McKenna’s performance against Regis Progres.Richard Schaefer, president of Probellum Boxing Promotions, which is running the event, has high hopes for the fight.”We are very happy to be back in Dubai for our first official race of 2022,” he told reporters.”At the end of last year, we held the first ever fight for Probellum Boxing Promotion in Dubai and it was well received.We’ve learned from that fight that there’s a lot of interest in boxing in The city of Dubai, so we’re planning to bring more good fighters to Dubai.This time we brought Sonny Edwards, Mohammed Waseem, Tyron McKenna and Regis Progres.They are all the top fighters in their respective classes, so I hope fans buy their tickets quickly and don’t miss this great fight.”And it’s not the end, Probellum Boxing Promotions intends to be a force in professional boxing in a very short time.So we plan to follow this tournament with two more history-making tournaments.”Richard Schafer added to reporters.Taryn McKenna was born on 3 March 1990 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.As a teenager, Taryn McKenna was a big name in Northern Ireland.However, he has been slow to develop after entering the professional boxing arena. So far, he has a professional record of 22 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw, with 6 kOs.Regis Progres was born on January 24, 1989 in New Orleans, USA.He had a record of 87 wins and 7 losses in amateur boxing.Regis Progres has had a remarkable career in professional boxing, winning the WBC Interim Super Lightweight Title in 2010 and the WBA Super Lightweight Super Title in 2019.Currently, Regis Progres is number two in BoxRec’s world rankings;Ranked fourth in the world by Ring magazine.He’s a world title threat.Original article, hope to get your approval.Fighting vision will continue to bring you attention to the arena dynamics, your love, is the biggest motivation for my creation.Like the comment on the point of attention to me, not lost!# Professional boxing