【 Spring Walking grass roots 】 Superior strawberry rich money bag

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The festival just handed in the rain, the chilly spring breeze has a bit of chill, and in pengjiazhuang township small house village Chen established strawberry greenhouse, picking heat, popularity almost burst.His strawberries are hailed as “Internet red strawberries” by people all over the country, and the people who come to pick them are full of praise.In the greenhouse, Chen Jianli and his wife Chen Jianru looked at jade strawberry seedlings, red agate like strawberry fruit, as well as the spirits of the people picking, always filled with a happy smile.Rough estimation, New Year’s Day Spring Festival before and after the listing of this shed strawberry, can bring Chen to establish a more than 100 thousand yuan of income.The popularity of Chen’s strawberries stems from his tireless pursuit of strawberry quality and focus on the word “fine”.In order to introduce high-quality strawberry varieties, he went to Dandong, Shandong and Baoding for many times, introduced pink jade, peach cake and other fine varieties with beautiful fruit, high price, wide sales, good taste.These fine products are the aristocrat in the strawberry family, and the market price is about 80 yuan per catty.The best quality is the foundation, careful management is the guarantee.Chen jianli insisted on using natural organic fertilizer, bee pollination, air method to prevent diseases and insect pests, precise control of watering amount and maturity period, to ensure strawberry aroma, sweet taste and thick juice.■ Edited and produced by Qin Anqi