The tiger is not violent, you think I am a sick cat (2022 Tiger show you)

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Send tiger send blessing!Happy New Year to you all!He’s a sick cat!He’s the king!So anyone can be a king, but they can also be a sick cat. It’s your choice!Strength and confidence is a tough not to destroy the sword, is also the ticket to success!Ziying in the New Year to send you a group of fierce quartet tiger, tiger heart, full of hope, contentment and progress, invincible, I wish you and your family and friends around the tiger add wings, tiger tiger alive, happy New Year!2022 May you have armor and soft ribs, pride and compassion in your heart, the night with the stars black eyes, and the journey to go!Linzhi spring deep thousand year old wine, warblers warm four flowers, I wish you all the best, smooth road ahead, more joy, long peace.In the New Year, may you have days to enjoy, warm soup to enjoy, and love in the side!Happy New Year!Due to the text, from the discovery, finally accompany, if my picture and text touched you, point a love ❤ can you support?Every update, a point of concern, I wish you a long time with!