Chen Turin brought a republic of China abuse love TV series, cooperation with a smiling male god, the notice is very artistic conception

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Chen Turin resources can also be, a republic of China abuse love theme TV series attack, cooperation is a male god Chen Turin resources or good, from the 2015 film Left Ear into the entertainment industry, won a lot of TV resources, but also play the heroine.Although in these TV plays have a part of the broadcast effect is not so good, such as the proposal before the battle and July and ansheng!But these shows have at least made viewers more impressed with her.Although many of Chen Turin’s TV dramas have not been well received, in the past two years, apart from TV dramas, she has also made some films and participated in some variety shows.Chen Turin is still very clever, worthy of being the flower of the school in those days, the resources of these two years are also better than one.Now, Chen Turin is coming with a good TV series, which is not quite the same as the type of TV series he participated in before, a TV series of the Theme of the Republic of China.The person that cooperates is dou Xiao of smiling male god!The name of the TV show is how good times tell.This TV series is in June 2020 when the boot, to now finally waiting for the investment plan!The geometry of the investment plan is coming!Starring Dou Xiao and Chen Turin, this is the rhythm to be broadcast!Take a look at the supporting characters in this TV series, which are also quite strong.The supporting cast is also more severe, supporting cast hu Jun, Wang Jinsong, Zhao Yingzi.Have to say, Wang Jinsong teacher is really everywhere, as if which type of TV series there are him, Zhao Yingzi acting is also very good, but can only be a female number two.Chen Turin the development of these two years are good, starring in the TV series wash stream sand is also highly anticipated, and there with white deer, Luo Yunxi and others also cooperated with a TV series long Month embers Ming, the female number two!If the show is aired, her career will probably take her to the next level.In fact, Chen Turin’s acting has been improved, coupled with these two years of continuous output, the audience will see her!At present, the geometry of good times has been in the investment, which shows that the time of broadcast is not far.This TV play is based on a novel by Ringsy.It tells the story of a poor daughter and the son of the general door.Chen Turin’s down and out daughter is really very beautiful, snow umbrella appearance is very beautiful, unique artistic conception, see the trailer also feel that these two people are very CP sense.Smart and delicate daughter, lovely, I still pity!