Consumption tips for preventing wild mushroom poisoning

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After the spring rain, wild mushrooms began to grow from south to north. Friends who had not been outdoors for a long time during the epidemic prevention period were thinking of going out to pick wild mushrooms.Before picking, you should read the following consumption tips.Wild mushrooms in China are widely distributed in forests, grasslands, plains, roadside, etc.There are more than 36,000 species of mushrooms.Edible mushrooms are known to have more than 1000 kinds, but poisonous mushrooms also amount to 480 kinds, including 40 kinds of poisonous mushrooms can kill!At present, there is no simple scientific method to identify whether wild mushrooms are poisonous, according to the folk spread of “experience”, and can not guarantee to avoid the accidental consumption of wild poisonous mushrooms and poisoning.So, when you go on spring outings, don’t pick wild mushrooms, and don’t buy wild mushrooms that you personally pick and sell.For wild mushrooms sold in the market, do not relax vigilance, especially have not eaten or do not know the wild mushrooms, never eat easily.Toxic symptoms immediately seek medical advice different kinds of poisonous mushrooms contain different toxins, causing different symptoms of poisoning.The manifestations of wild mushroom poisoning are: gastrointestinal poisoning type, nerve spirit type, hemolysis type, liver damage type, kidney failure type, respiratory and circulation failure type, photoallergic dermatitis type.Among them, gastrointestinal poisoning is the most common type, liver damage is the most fatal.After ingesting poisonous mushroom by accident generally, the shortest can be in 10 minutes, the longest in 6-12 hours after the onset.If dizziness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, restlessness, hallucinations and other poisoning symptoms occur after eating wild mushrooms, they should be immediately vomited, and immediately sent to a doctor.Producers and operators do “three no” producers and operators in processing and selling wild mushrooms, should do not collect, do not process, do not operate unknown mushrooms, to ensure that in the processing and operation of mushrooms, not mixed with toxic mushrooms.Otherwise, should assume corresponding economic and legal responsibility.Relevant units to warn the risk in the wild mushroom feeding period, mushroom production and have the habit of eating wild mushroom regulatory departments and relevant units, should be through various forms of publicity, widely publicized to the public, do not pick, eat wild mushrooms at will.At the same time, according to the characteristics of poisoning by eating poisonous mushrooms in various places, combined with temperature, humidity, rainfall and other factors, early warning and forecast before the maturity of mushrooms, timely release of risk warnings or consumption tips.Warning signs with photos of poisonous mushrooms are recommended in areas where accidental ingestion of poisonous mushrooms has occurred.Professor Ma Guansheng, Director of the Department of Nutrition and Food Hygiene, School of Public Health, Peking University