Nucleic acid detection was efficient and smooth in the area where risk screening personnel of Jinghai area were located

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On February 2, the Tianjin Epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters issued a notice no. 8, requiring residents in all districts with a history of travel and residence in the containment, control and prevention areas after January 15 to report in a timely way.Jinghai District Epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters immediately implemented the deployment and carried out COVID-19 risk screening across the district overnight.Townships, towns and streets acted in response to orders, took the initiative and adopted multiple measures to further identify risks, strengthen territorial responsibility, and implement the “four early detection, early reporting, early isolation, and early treatment” measures.The community organization is strong, residents actively cooperate, and nucleic acid testing is efficient and smooth. According to the preliminary screening situation, Jinghai District has carried out accurate nucleic acid testing and screening at some points in relevant towns and streets from 7 am on February 4.In Fuyuanlou community, Jinghai Town, the field staff set up the waiting area, testing area and other zones, and volunteers organized residents to fill in the information in advance.Meanwhile, nucleic acid testers quickly and accurately sampled residents.The community residents who came to the test voluntarily lined up to cooperate with the test, and the scene was orderly.Building 8, Xinhu Community, Chaoyang Street is one of the nucleic acid detection range. The site staff patiently reminded everyone to keep a safe distance of 1.8 meters, while guiding everyone to carry out information registration in an orderly manner.Villagers in Gongjiatun Area 2 of Yangchengzhuang Township are queuing up for nucleic acid sampling in an orderly way. In accordance with the requirements of the Notice on Nucleic acid Testing in The Area where Risk Screening Personnel Are Located issued by the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, the nucleic acid testing will cover 9 towns and 1 street in Jinghai District.Before regional nucleic acid testing, the Quiet sea area shall issue a notice in advance and set up a fixed collection site scientifically.All townships and subdistricts immediately implemented the plan, strictly followed the procedures of the plan, and organized nucleic acid testing and sampling in a scientific and orderly manner within the specified time to eliminate the potential risk of the spread of the virus and firmly build a network for epidemic prevention and control.Source: Jing Hai Rong Media END