Plum blossom Valley blossom Qingdao Tianzhu Mountain repair pit barren mountain scenery

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In early spring, more than 100,000 plum blossoms blossom in the “Plum Valley” of Tianzhu Mountain near Aoshan Bay in Jimo District, Qingdao city.A few days ago, in jimo aoshan Wei street Tianzhu Mountain plum valley, blossoming plum ling han bloom, ten thousand branches of Dan color, layer upon layer, the distant stone forest, unbroken, beautiful scenery, become a beautiful scenery line.It is understood that Tianzhu Meigu National Forest Health base, in response to the call of the national “rural revitalization”, with the goal of “lucid water and lush mountains are gold and silver mountains”, integrating the history of aoshan Wei ancient Town for thousands of years, the ecological environment of Tianzhu Mountain for hundreds of millions of years, the spirit of Chinese plum blossom for three thousand years, based on the health management of the whole life cycle and physical and mental cultivation,To build a comprehensive forest health care base integrating plum culture, plum blossom industry, health care, ecological agriculture, art integration, sports and leisure, immersion and recreation.According to the relevant person in charge of Jimo District Aoshan Wei Street, the project is located in the Tianzhu Valley south of Lanao Road, the core area of Qingdao Blue Valley, the first phase of ecological restoration covers an area of 210 mu, 28.3 mu of commercial development land, by Qingdao Elin ecological tourism Development Co., Ltd. took ten years to invest 1.28 billion yuan to build,”Tianxiangge” reception center of 8,000 square meters (including 2,600 square meters of column-free conference hall) and “Tianxiuge” high-end b&B hotel of 8,700 square meters have been built. The renovation of the two buildings will begin soon, and the decoration and supporting facilities are expected to be completed in summer.In addition, the construction of 40,000 square meters of “Tianqingge” health center hotel will begin soon this year.In addition, the necessary repair pit and barren hills, seven years has more than 40 strains of trees, including more than 100000 seedlings cherry plum, nearly 100000, more than 20 strains of azalea, and a large number of Chinese herbal medicine, designed with MeiPin thirty-six views are meant mountain, sky column five sea eight sights, room, and purple, the wellwishing garden, forest cabin, raise training center, sparkling museum of art, etc.,The whole project integrates “eating, living, raising, education, art, travel, shopping and music” as one, and strives to become a new name card of Qingdao’s health care industry.In November 2021, Tianzhu Plum Valley was rated as “National Forest Health Base”.The entire project is scheduled to be delivered to the park by 2025.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: