“Rattan county” “Spring walk grassroots” to resolve conflicts and promote harmony, tang Step town’s new legal adviser is very helpful

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“Our village cadres don’t have to work so hard, and the villagers can have a good year, thanks to our new legal adviser!”In the reconciliation agreement to sign the scene, tangbu town a village cadres sincerely sigh.Recently, teng County justice bureau according to the actual situation, tang Bu town “a village (community) a legal adviser” resources have been comprehensively adjusted, by Guangxi Tongzhi law firm of 4 lawyers as tang Bu town 18 villages (community) legal adviser.Village (community) legal consultants with professional legal knowledge have solved many difficult problems for grassroots social governance.On January 20, just take step pond town pond village Wu Jian lawyers, legal adviser work Zhou Qisheng lawyer understands in the legal service work, li mou pool, li mou qing, li mou neighborhood disputes by village mediation failed to reach a consensus for many times, and take the initiative to contact the relevant pond village communist village cadres, to the scene to assist in the mediation work.To li mou pool, li mou and li mou after into the parties appeal, two legal advisor with good communication skills and good professional accomplishment, analyses the issues to the villagers, through interpretation of the basic law understanding, compromise and three parties, legal advice, and then puts forward the mediation three parties reach a settlement, and sign the agreement immediately.On the morning of January 24, Liao Yinke, a lawyer, was invited to participate in the mediation of a group of land rent distribution disputes in Tangbu Town Ancient Village.Arriving at the mediation site, Liao lawyer found dozens of people waiting on the scene, the crowd is more excited.He first of all to present personnel communication persuasion, ease the mood.Subsequently, the legal publicity was carried out on the spot to guide the masses to settle disputes over rent allocation in accordance with legal channels.After patient counseling, analyzing the existing problems of contradictions and disputes, and putting forward targeted solutions, the three parties finally agreed to reach a settlement agreement, drawing a satisfactory end to the contradictions and disputes that lasted for several years.Village (community) legal advisers use professional advantages, timely participate in the mediation of conflicts and disputes to resolve, to achieve the organic unity of legal effect and social effect, to achieve the goal of quick settlement of disputes, saving judicial resources, social harmony and stability, in an all-round push forward the construction of Pingan Teng County, rattan County rule of law has an important role.