I used to work in a central enterprise. When I was young, I found this kind of life boring and quit to go into the sea

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I used to work in a central enterprise. When I was young, I found this kind of life boring and quit to go into the sea.I have worked in the People’s Bank of China, industrial and Commercial Bank of China and the Bank of China.In my late 30s, I found the 9-to-5 life passive and scary, not what I wanted.When I was young and not long after graduating from college, I wrote a doggerel about this mood, “Sunshine is restrained”, to vent my feelings, which was published in Beijing Literature.After writing it, he left his job and started his own business.I know some friends, 211, 985 graduate, I often laugh at their life as a year.Among them when executives, when a billionaire who has academic careers, but not much enlightenment in life, all my life for a job, stay in one place, marry and have children, might have torque following 彟, no interest, don’t understand romantic, no faith in life, clean home after dinner every night to go to bed at about 10 o ‘clock in the evening, get up at 6 o ‘clock in the morning, go to work at seven o ‘clock,And then suddenly I realized I was close to retirement, old age.After I left the bank, I began to live by the rules of the game I had set for myself.There are two rules: first, treat each night as a new beginning of each day, not as the end of one workday and a transition or comma from one workday to the next. Live each day as if it were a lifetime, with a sense of ritual, of joy, of climax, of belonging.The second is to focus on and immerse in the present moment, and design the day into a colorful one, turning every day and night in every city and village into a flowing feast, while slowing down the time.I certainly can’t do these two things every day, but I’ve been pursuing them and I’ve done them quite a bit.Someone says: you this kind of rich and colorful romance, cost money very much!I don’t think so. A rich romantic life, a slow life, has nothing to do with having a lot of money.What is needed is the consciousness of the essence of life, the true meaning of life, the cultivation of emotional appeal and interest, and the cultivation of inner conduct.People who reach this level of state can do, “surprised by a drop of rain”!See mountains, clouds, people, read books, watch music and movies, discover a unique and lovely cafe or a real food…This person’s eyes, the world, life, can find everywhere full of gifts.Money is certainly a good thing, but money is only an exchange medium at most, can not buy consciousness, belief, interest, realm, life.People who do not understand the taste and spiritual state, money is consumable in life, increasing the cost of life, win money but lose life, not as good as those who have less money and more taste.”Do not go gentle into that good night, life should burn and roar.”This is my rewriting of two lines of English poet Thomas, but also a real attitude towards life.What do you think, guys?You are welcome to leave your comments here.About the author: Dongfang Ying, the founder of true Business philosophy, the father of enterprise leapfrog development theory, used to serve as the president of a large industrial company, published “Enterprise Overspeed Growth”, “Leapfrog Strategy”, 2006 China’s top ten economic news figures.