Lin Chong and Wang Ying, the first female generals of Liangshan, were defeated by the horse. When their sons grew up, they were defeated by Jin Chu-shu

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Of the 108 heroes, only three are women. And except for Ms. Hu, who is a relative beauty, the other two female characters are heroic.However, although these three are in Liangshan row number of existence, but to say martial arts, they are not enough to call liangshan first female general.The real No.1 female general of Liangshan is not in the sequence of 108, she does not belong to the “hero” of Liangshan, but to the “family member” of the hero of Liangshan.She defeated Lin Chong and Wang Ying and became famous in The first World War. When her son grew up, he defeated Jin Chao Shu and became a famous hero.01 tragic life, martial arts super mention Qiu Qiongying, she appears in the article is a member of hebei Tianhu.As one of the few women with a high level of appearance in the novel Outlaws of the Marsh, she is brave and resourceful and knows how to bear, and her martial arts are among the best among all female characters. She is the most perfect female character in the novel Outlaws of the Marsh.Qiu Qiongying’s life is poor, her parents have died in the hands of bandits.After that she grew up with the housekeeper, it is not easy to return to a peaceful life, but the bandits came to plunder again, because she looks good, by the bandits, became tian Hu’s stepdaughter, formally divided into the Tian Hu camp.In an accident, Qiu Qiongying heard others talk, this just know the original Tian Hu is the culprit that killed his biological parents.Then, Qiu Qiongying is diligent in practicing martial arts, one hand square day painting halberd makes a supernatural ghost is brilliant, ordinary person occupies cheap from her hand very hard.Not only that, she also in the “dream” to follow their never met “lover” to learn a hand flying stone stunts, people are hard to prevent.She practiced martial arts hard at the same time, sleeping on brushwood and tasting gall, only to find the right opportunity, and then personally revenge for their parents.After waiting for a long time, this opportunity finally appeared, that is to attack Tian Hu liangshan.02 liangshan several heroes in Liangshan against Tian Hu, Qiu Qiongying as tian Hu’s first fierce, natural is out to fight.Liangshan party to see the enemy sent to a female general, the heart can not help some of the feeling of contempt, so are reluctant to take the lead in the battle.At this time, After observing for a long time, Wang Ying of Liangshan array saw that no one on his side was willing to fight with Qiu Qiongying, so he took the initiative to meet qiu qiongying.It is known to all that Wang Ying is lecherous. Even though he already has a wife like Hu Sanniang at home, he still remains a lecherous man.See qiu Qiongying such a beauty, naturally also want to take advantage of some.However, although Wang Ying was fearless, his martial arts were not so good. After only a few rounds, he was wounded in the leg by Qiu Qiongying and fell from his horse.Seeing her husband wounded and dismounted, Hu Sanniang could not bear it and hurried to stand with Qiu Qiongying.However, although Hu Sanniang had studied martial arts since childhood, Qiu Qiongying’s diligence was unmatched by ordinary people because of her hatred.After several rounds of fighting, Hu sanniang and Qiu Qiongying gradually fell into a bitter battle and fell behind.Seeing Hu Sanniang is about to lose, gu Sister-in-law regardless of the rules of the river’s lake, hurriedly hurried the horse to join the war.The three men fought together, and the halberd in Qiu Qiongying’s hand was like a wandering dragon, with great supernatural power between the square inches, quite like the “three British fighting Lu Bu” in the Romance of The Three Kingdoms.Even if Mr. Hu and Mrs. Gu join hands, they are not rivals.Seeing this, lieutenant Chi Sunxin wanted to come to his aid immediately, but before he could join the battle, qiu Qiongying hit a stone on his helmet and had to stop.Finally, Qiu Qiongying wounded Hu Sanniang, hu Sanniang and others rushed back to the camp.Wang Ying’s martial arts skills are only average in Liangshan, but Hu Sanniang and Gu Aunt’s wife are rarely able to defeat them in Liangshan, let alone fighting with them. Qiu Qiongying even hit Sun Xin’s helmet with a stone accurately, which is unique among all the heroes in Liangshan.Not only such, Qiu Qiongying still lets the leopard head Lin Chong that is one of liangshan five tiger generals suffer greatly.In Lin Chong’s battle, qiu Qiongying gradually fell behind after dozens of rounds.In desperation, he had to resort to deception and turned around to escape. Of course, Lin Chong could not allow the enemy to leave, so he urged his horse to pursue him.Just then, Qiu qiongying suddenly turned around and shot two stones at Lin chong.Lin chong hurriedly dodged the first one, but was accidentally hit in the head by the second stone. For a moment, his face was covered with blood.Even liangshan several people, even Lin Chong were defeated by her hand, a time liangshan people will be qiu Qiongying as a fierce enemy, since can not force the enemy, it will win by wisdom.Finally liangshan all deliberations, use handsome man, sent no arrow Zhang Qing to contact Qiu Qiongying, it is best to pull her into liangshan.In addition to his excellent kung fu skills, Zhang Qing is also very handsome.When they met, they liked each other and fell in love at first sight. However, it was unexpected that Qiu Qiongying’s affection for Zhang Qing was more profound, because she repeatedly confirmed that she was finally very sure that the “lover” who taught her flying stone skills in her dream was Zhang Qing.Learning art in a dream itself was somewhat illusory. Moreover, Zhang Qing had never met Qiu Qiongying before. Even if he wanted to teach her to fly stones, he had no chance.But that doesn’t matter.In Qiu Qiongying, Zhang Qing two people private life, Qiu Qiongying will help liang Shan people together defeated tian Hu forces, she is also a great revenge.Unfortunately, when Qiu qiongying later raised a fetus, Zhang Qing was killed in the battle at Dusong Pass, leaving only Qiu Qiongying and her unborn child.After the child was born, Qiu qiongying named him Zhang Jie and devoted all her heart to teaching him.Eventually Zhang Jie also lived up to expectations, grew up to become wu Jie jie a general, and Jin Jie jie in the process of war, repeatedly distinguished feats.On martial arts alone, Qiu Qiongying can enemy liangshan many heroes, even liangshan five tiger will not get a little cheap in her hands, and the three heroins of Liangshan is not her opponent, so it is no problem that Qiu Qiongying is the first woman in Liangshan.Unfortunately, she suffered a lot. After enduring humiliation for many years, she finally met someone she wanted.However, they have not enjoyed many sweet days, and they have suffered the pain of losing their husband. We can see the days of orphans and widowed mothers, but this is exactly what the author wants to express, the poor living conditions of the people under the war.Qiu Qiongying was only one of many unfortunate people, and there were many women like Qiu Qiongying in the social background at that time.