Perfect finish!Big foreign aid cut 17+4 finally show strength, Yang Ming to Li Hongqing put forward new requirements

2022-08-03 0 By

The second phase of the CBA has ended with Liaoning Bensteel, the last game against Jiangsu Tongxi ended in a big win, after all, the strength of the two teams are not on the same level.After the victory over Tongxi, Liaoning men’s basketball team ushered in 3 consecutive wins, the team’s record came to 25 wins and 3 losses, firmly ranked the league 1, the second stage of a perfect ending.For the liao basket, the team can finally rest, Korea, Zhang Zhenlin and other people can recover injury, Guo Allen, Zhao Jiwei and other people can get enough rest.Moreland scored 17 points, four rebounds and two steals in 14 minutes off the bench against The Lakers.Moreland scored in double figures for the first time in six games, stepping up when the team needed him down the stretch.As a matter of fact, Morland is more than that. Last season, he contributed a number of “20+” points in the game for Shanxi. Given enough tactical status and playing time, he is capable of dominating the post.For example, after the pick-and-roll down, and fast break counterattack on the rim, and even mid-range shooting;There were a couple of good post ups, all of which resulted in shots or kills.But in the Liao Basket, the tactical core of the team is in the back line, the team only needs Morande to do a good job in defense and rebounds, positioning more inclined to blue-collar players.Defensively, Morland is certainly very good at protecting the rim. His static talent, athleticism and lateral speed are all very good, and he can beat big centers, assist opponents in time, and even defend small players.This is where Yang Ming values him the most, but Yang may be able to give him more tactical status, allowing Moreland to shine on the offensive end.Mr. Puts forward new requirements to Li Hongqing after the game, Mr. Guidance in an interview to staff first expressed gratitude, and said “welcome them to the third stage to attending matches”, these words show the friendship of landlord, seems to be the host city of the third stage shenyang have dust fall to the ground, the liaoning men’s basketball team is expected to open the third stage in their own home.After that, Yang Ming continued to say: The outside world has high expectations on us, but I want to say, except for a few injuries to the national team players, we have shown all the cards.But other teams, such as Guangdong, have some injuries and absent foreign aid.For example, zhejiang two teams, also have their own characteristics.At present, we have only achieved phased results, but in the long run, there is no such absolute strength as the outside world thinks.Yang Ming was modest, but he also revealed an important message, that is, “the real strength of the team is not as strong as the paper strength, the team is still insufficient”;And we can also see from the previous two stages of the game, liao Basket double foreign aid in the hard war lack of stability and ability to cut points, this is liao basket is currently the biggest shortcoming.At the same time, this is Yang guide to the general manager Li Hongqing request, hope the team can recruit a can fight hard and have the ability to cut points foreign aid to Biao Guangdong.As general manager, Li Hongqing is really necessary to introduce the third foreign aid, can take over the team’s foreign aid at the critical moment, to help liao Basket impact the championship.