Qi Yang city 6000 “yellow majia” build solid road traffic safety net

2022-08-03 0 By

Yongzhou news dispatch (reporter WuBinBin He Biao) to build a road traffic safety, guarantee the safe travel, qiyang fu can grassroots governance, innovation to carry out the management work of road traffic safety grid, will be the city’s 2538 square kilometers, jurisdiction, according to the “town schiscosomiasis” level 4, establish a grid, constitute the qiyang city road traffic safety control “a net”,We will implement whole-factor, whole-chain and whole-link supervision of road traffic safety, effectively curb the occurrence of all types of road traffic accidents, prevent and eliminate all types of road traffic safety risks, and effectively safeguard the safety of people’s lives and property.During the Spring Festival, in baishui town farmers fruit wholesale market intersection, guyin Beach town central school intersection, the reporter saw wearing uniform distribution of “yellow vest” grid members are in the middle of the road, gesturing, carefully dreading the traffic, and not shout, to remind pedestrians and drivers to pay attention to safety.It also advises against illegal and uncivilized traffic behaviors such as driving on the wrong side of the road without wearing safety helmets.”During the Spring Festival, the traffic flow is heavy, so the grid members of Dongchuan Village arrange their shifts according to the duty schedule. They go on duty at 7:00 a.m. and don’t get off duty until 8:00 p.m.Because water market, the traffic is too big by road traffic safety management of grid, village cadres, village leader be grid, layer upon layer to carry out the responsibility, our village road traffic significantly improved, before? The car stop lying, fork lift disorderly phenomenon is more, now through our village cadres persuasion, like this kind of phenomenon obviously got to stop,Then there was the increase, if not 100 percent, then more than 95 percent, in helmet wear on electric vehicles and motorcycles.”Baishui Town Dongchuan village branch, three grid long Yang Xiaoming said.With the surge in the number of qi Yang city motor vehicles, Qi Yang Municipal party committee, municipal government to promote the formation of horizontal to the edge, vertical to the end, clear rights and responsibilities, multiple co-governance of road traffic safety grid management system, to create a system governance, collaborative governance, comprehensive governance, source governance and equal socialization of road traffic safety management new pattern.During the Spring Festival travel rush, the city’s nearly 6,000 traffic safety grid members wear yellow vests and carry out “punch in action” in accordance with the requirements of grid management. They arrive at their posts on time every day to carry out traffic persuasion work and maintain road traffic order.At the same time, through the “mine action”, regular inspection of key hidden danger sections, timely report the found risks.To the key hidden dangers, by the town grid office according to the “listing action” requirements of the implementation of listing supervision.At the same time, for key personnel returning home and key vehicle owners in the grid to carry out “knock on the door action”, face to face traffic safety publicity, to ensure the city’s road traffic safety during the Spring Festival.”Our town built the town, village, group 3 grid, the town party committee, secretary of the long as primary grid, responsible for the management of road traffic safety within the scope of the whole town, every village, group is divided into a grid, led by the town of contact long as secondary grid, village level 3 grid long, for” the way the car companies “four packages to traffic elements, through the management, the grid,The responsibilities of grid leaders at all levels have been clarified and our responsibilities in the field of road traffic safety have been consolidated.Since the start of this work, especially during the Spring Festival travel rush, road traffic has been smoother than in previous years, although there have been more vehicles and people returning to their hometowns, and the peak period for visiting relatives and friends has increased. This is the effect of our grid.”Guanyintan town, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, mayor, two grid long Liu Jianfei said.Small grid, big act.During the Spring Festival transport, in the streets of Qi Yang City, villages and towns can see the “yellow majia” figure, they in the city, villages and towns to carry out civilized traffic persuasion, key easy to block road dredging, for qi Yang people to build a safe and smooth, civilized and orderly road traffic environment, build a strong road traffic safety net.