Qomolangma Town winter Olympics Culture square unveiled

2022-08-03 0 By

Beijing, February 3 (Reporter Li Yang) Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics Qomolangma Town Cultural Square (hereinafter referred to as qomolangma Town Winter Olympics cultural Square) was officially opened on February 2 in Zhaxizong Township, Tingri County, Xigaze City, Tibet Autonomous Region.The square, the highest in the world, will become a window for local people to learn about the Winter Olympics culture and ice and snow sports, and for people around the world to learn about the new socialist Tibet.Zhaxizong township, just over 40 kilometers from Everest base camp, is a “mountaineering town” that records The history and culture of Chinese mountaineering.Located at the entrance of Zhaxi Township, the winter Olympics Cultural square of the town built this time covers an area of about 5,000 square meters.In addition to the symbols of the Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, the square also features tents and other decorations with strong ethnic styles, which combine the Winter Olympic culture with local characteristics. The experience area and publicity board also provide a platform for local people to learn about the Winter Olympics and experience the ice and snow events.People’s Daily (05 edition on February 04, 2022) (Edited by Jin Yumeng and Zhou Tian) Share to let more people see