Rushed to the front line jimo “police doctor husband and wife” double stick side by side retrograde

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Source: XinwangNews on March 15 (Correspondent Sun Renqiang, reporter Lu Yanrong) On the night of March 4, the city of Mo was immersed in silence while the office building of Jimo Public Security Sub-bureau was brightly lit and the police lights were flashing downstairs.The teams rushing to fight the epidemic are gathering in an orderly and tense way.Ready to go to the front line of the police auxiliary police heard and moved, quickly back to the unit set.Among them, there are some special families, he is “police blue”, she is “angel white”, in the face of the sudden epidemic, they shoulder a mission, entrust their young children to their parents and family, both husband and wife rushed to the front line of epidemic prevention and control.(source: Jimo public Security) Gu Yanwen is jimo public Security bureau criminal investigation brigade of an anti-fraud police, his wife Huang Qianqian is Jimo district people’s hospital digestive physician;Wang Jiawei is Jimo public security bureau criminal investigation brigade technology room auxiliary police, his wife Wang Xuesong is jimo district people’s hospital gastrointestinal surgery nurse, two families of children are not yet into the park of children.That night, the two “police doctor husband and wife” almost simultaneously received to return to the unit to assemble.The picture shows Gu Yanwen and his wife Huang Qianqian engaged in epidemic prevention and control work (source: Jimo public Security) epidemic is the order, they have no fear, no retreat, are entrusted to their children at night after their parents and family immediately set out.Young children do not know what “epidemic” is, they only want their parents, parting, sleep, crying, “I want my mother, I want my mother…””Father, mother…”Their parents are already on their way to fight the epidemic.In the early morning of March 5, Gu Yanwen and Wang Jiawei went to the front line of epidemic prevention and control to patrol, follow up and trace the source…Working around the clock;As medical workers, Huang Qianqian and Wang Xuesong actively into nucleic acid testing……They are in a race against time, as long as they do a little more, the epidemic can end as soon as possible.Bitter, is really bitter, tired, also really tired, but bitter and tired, they are silent in the heart, did not talk to each other.During breaks, they video-chat with family members to catch up on each other’s progress.”Be protective. Protect yourself. Everything is fine here.””Eat regularly and take care of yourself.”Behind these simple dialogues, the deep care and love between husband and wife are conveyed.Picture jia-wei wang video calls with children (source: cieme public security) parents, child is always the most soft part of in my mind, when I see children innocent, no matter how tired on a second, how tired, all at once, keep the “people”, to protect our “home” is their common aspiration.To fight the epidemic together, we need to live together.The police and the doctor collide with a special feeling, each other regardless of personal safety, when the country and the people need, rushed to the front without hesitation.In fact, there are many such couples, they in the family to each other, in front of the epidemic side by side retrograde, they give up their homes, for everyone, with double stick to bear the burden of fighting the epidemic, for the people to build a line of defense for life safety.[url = http://pengpeng]