Shuidui chip restores confidence to middle-aged and difficult patients suffering from sudden illness

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Zhu Shubin, 48, was not rich, but his family lived a happy life, especially since he had a child, he felt more and more hopeful.Can a sudden disease, broke his original calm life.Now he can only hope for shuidi.Zhu Shubin lives in a village in Xiushui County, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province.In August this year, Zhu shubinbegan to experience pain in his knee joint. At first, he could tolerate it, but the pain became more and more intense, and eventually he found it difficult to walk, and his knee joint also tended to be deformed.Originally Zhu Shubin thought that his age may be old, recently did not pay attention to the situation of rheumatism.When the pain in the knee became more and more obvious, he just went to the drugstore to buy some Chinese medicine and wiped the joint with wine.But after a period of time, Zhu Shubin’s condition did not improve, but more unbearable pain.So in October, he went to the local Xiushui People’s Hospital for examination, but the doctor said that his condition was very serious and he needed to be transferred to a higher hospital for examination as soon as possible.He was transferred to Xiangya Hospital in Changsha, Hunan Province, but doctors there had no good treatment.In November, Zhu Shubin came to changsha Xiangya attached three hospital treatment.Here Zhu Shubin was diagnosed with bone and synovial membrane of both knees, soft tissue changes, degenerative changes of both knees, joint cavity effusion, degeneration of anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments and collateral ligaments of both knees, and meniscus rupture of the right knee.As zhu’s condition worsened, fluid accumulated in his lower legs, making the pain more intense.What worried him even more was the cost of the treatment.At present, many of the drugs used to treat this disease are imported drugs, and Zhu Shubin was hospitalized in other places, and his hometown’s rural cooperative medical system can not be reimbursed.After just a few days, the medical bills were too much for him.The doctor also told Zhu that his condition would require long-term treatment, and the later treatment would cost no less than 150,000 yuan.This put Zhu Shubin in a difficult position.Zhu shubin, who used to support his family by doing odd jobs, has not saved much money in recent years.Now their children are just beginning to understand, the family need money everywhere.Since Zhu shubin fell ill, the family has no source of income, and most of the money for treatment is borrowed.Now he has spent almost all the money he borrowed, and he does not know what to do with the treatment.In desperation, Zhu Shubin launched water drop, wrote a letter for help.He didn’t want to go down, he couldn’t go down, he had a family to earn.I believe that with the help of water drop and the majority of caring people, Zhu Shubin will be able to survive.