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The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) has fired two unidentified flying objects into the east Sea, the sixth time this month, Yonhap news agency quoted the Rok military as saying.This is the sixth time that North Korea has launched a flying object this month.South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said it believed north Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles with a range of about 190 kilometers and an altitude of 20 kilometers.North Korea launched two cruise missiles on Friday and two hypersonic missiles earlier this month.Japan will work closely with the United States, the Republic of Korea and other relevant countries to collect and analyze relevant information and take all possible preventive and monitoring measures, Said Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi.Tensions between Russia and Ukraine have raised concerns that Russian gas supplies to Europe via Ukraine could be affected.Secretary of State Blinken has made it clear that if Russia does harm to Europe, the United States will take countermeasures.The White House reiterated that it was discussing contingency plans with energy producers in North America and the Middle East, but acknowledged difficulties.Reuters reported that the United States had held talks with Qatar about bringing additional gas to Europe, but Qatar said much of its capacity was locked up in long-term contracts and there was not much spare capacity.Russia currently supplies more than 30 percent of Europe’s natural gas, much of it via Ukraine, and the Nord Stream 2 undersea gas pipeline linking Russia and Germany has been blocked by diplomatic and political issues.The White House says nord Stream 2 will not move forward if Russia invades Ukraine.The World Trade Organization (WTO) has ruled in Favor of China, which can impose tariffs on $645 million a year of American imports to compensate for countervailing duties imposed by the United States on Chinese goods a decade ago.The ruling comes years after a WTO panel ruled that China has the right to impose tariffs on US goods as compensation for a complaint filed by China over countervailing duties imposed on 22 Chinese products, including solar panels, between 2008 and 2012.In a similar ruling in 2019, the WTO ruled that China had the right to impose retaliatory tariffs on $3.58 billion of US goods, citing the US’s failure to remove unreasonable anti-dumping duties.The US Trade Representative’s office said it was “very disappointed” by the ruling and stressed that it reaffirmed the need to reform the wto’s arbitration system.The Netherlands has eased quarantine restrictions that have been in effect for months, allowing restaurants and bars to resume serving until 10 p.m., and requiring customers to show proof of vaccination or negative tests when entering the country.Tourist attractions and museums could also reopen, although admission to major sporting events would continue to be limited to a third of the audience.Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte pointed to the decision to lift the lockdown as the peak of the outbreak had passed, but acknowledged there could be potential risks.From next month, Denmark will lift most of the vaccination measures imposed because of the Omikron strain of the virus. The Danish Prime Minister said people would be able to enter supermarkets and transport without wearing masks, and restaurants would no longer need to show proof of vaccination.Austria, the first country in Europe to make vaccinations mandatory for adults, will lift restrictions on those who have not been vaccinated from Monday.There are a number of novel Coronavirus infections in Spain, and the government has updated its vaccination strategy.On The 25th, Spain’s Public Health Commission updated its vaccination strategy.The newly published vaccination strategy states that people aged 5 to 11 who have been infected before the vaccination will receive a single dose of vaccine starting eight weeks after the diagnosis of infection. If the infection is diagnosed after the first dose, the second dose will be given eight weeks after the diagnosis of infection, with a minimum eight-week interval between the first dose and the second dose.In the case of symptomatic or asymptomatic adults infected with novel Coronavirus following vaccination, the Spanish Public Health Commission notes that the interval between infection and booster dose should be at least 4 weeks, and recommends that booster dose be administered five months after confirmation of infection.Source: Phoenix TV Information station editor: Yuan Shan