Vinnie Xiu si bell first dumb fire, Jovic out of work does not contribute + missed opportunity Real Madrid 0-0 yellow potential

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Beijing time 23:15 on February 12, la Liga round 24 matches continue, Real Madrid away challenge Villarreal.In the first half, Zhu Dan Ma shot in the post, Real Madrid failed to create a good scoring opportunity, the two sides half-time 0-0 draw;In the second half, Gareth Bale’s long-range shot was saved by the goalkeeper, hazard came on as a substitute and jovic’s cross hit the crossbar.In the end, Real Madrid’s 0-0 away draw at Villarreal continued their lead at the top of la Liga.0-0!Benzema absent, Vinicius bel Asensio first mute fire, hazard substitute excellent performance, jovic did not work + missed chance!Real Madrid travel to Paris next week for the knockout round of the European Champions League, so benzema will be fit to play in the champions League.Ancelotti sent Bale forward, flanked by Vinicius and Asensio, but real had few attacking opportunities.Jovic replaced Bale, the former German bundesliga bronze boot attitude is very negative, aerial ball almost does not jump, a little out of work feeling, such a player is not worthy of Real Madrid.Hazard was too late and real missed the chance to finish the match when jovic, facing a lone player, sent a threatening pass.In the end, the two sides drew 0-0 and took one point each.The game, Real Madrid possession rate of 56.7%, a total of 17 shots, six of them on target;Villarreal had nine shots on goal, two of them on target.This service Real Madrid 0-0 stuffy draw, that the team is in urgent need of a forward, Benzema can not be replaced.