1-2!Harland played badly, dott was knocked out of bundesliga, not as good as Lewan

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Borussia Dortmund’s Bundesliga season ended with a 2-1 German Cup third-round defeat at Bundesliga leaders St Pauli in the early hours of January 19. Harland scored a goal but it was clear that his heart was not in Dortmund.Harland has scored 79 goals in 78 official games since joining Dortmund in 2020, two years after joining the club.From the statistics, the average efficiency of the game is comparable to Messi, Ronaldo, but if from the game of nearly a month, he and Melo’s professional attitude gap is not small.Harland impressed in his early years at Dortmund, scoring a hat-trick on his Bundesliga debut and 41 goals in 41 games in his first full season.Although the data is very gorgeous, but in the Multi really difficult to achieve any achievements, domestic competitions have Bayern this mountain, the Champions League is a master like clouds, the main youth storm hornets is difficult to share a slice of the soup in these veteran.In his two and a half seasons with Dortmund, Harland has won just one German FA cup.Harland also scored five goals in six head-to-head meetings with Bayern, but failed to win any of them, even without a draw, which is a huge blow for a competitive and talented young player.With Borussia Dortmund in the doldrums of late, and their exit from the Champions League group stage, Harland’s mindset is beginning to change.Early in the season, Though, Harland’s attitude has taken a noticeable dip in the last two months.Harland is more vocal on the pitch than he used to be, passing the ball more freely and scoring a similar number of goals, but his problems with the club have been on display since last week’s match against freiburg.Speaking to harland after his two goals against freiburg, borussia Dortmund are pushing him to make a decision and something needs to be done.If you’re in Harland’s shoes, he’s still trying to decide whether to leave or stay another year, so he feels like the team is pushing him to make a decision early.And stand in the Angle of the team, the team striker to leave the idea, need to immediately start looking for next season’s strike replacement, in order to seek more transfer fee, can let the players make a decision as soon as possible and delay the contract period, according to foreign media reports, Dortmund harland quote contract extension to the team paid, is higher than captain Royce.In fact, harland joined Dortmund for reasons we all know, but Dortmund fans themselves do not want to admit it.Dort is now Europe’s famous star factory, a springboard for many players to eventually reach the top five leagues.Harland’s career at Dortmund has been the difference between long and short, eventually ending up with real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City and Bayern Munich.With Mbappe almost certain to move to Real Madrid, Harland is more likely to move to Barcelona and Manchester City, which, given the team’s financial situation, are the most likely destinations.Compared to Levan, Harland’s current approach is decidedly unprofessional.Levan made it clear to Dott when he wanted to leave, and was persuaded to play his final season for dott, missing all but one game.Now Harland’s king kick at Dortmund has clearly not happened to Lewan.This alone shows that Harland is inferior to Lewan and even to his direct rival, Kylian Mbappe.Mbappe’s desire to move to Real Madrid is well known and his contract with Paris expires this year, so mbappe’s future is already clear, but he has not shown any resistance to his current club, which is in contrast to Harland’s deliberate behaviour.