Clean government culture Yang Fengfeng calligraphy and painting to help revitalize

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Report from our newspaper (reporter Shi Xiaoya) On February 9, celebrate the party’s 20 big ningjin County town of Xingtai city, the culture of clean government and “power up to the cup” three Zhao Shu society 18th painting and calligraphy exhibition held in Zhao Ping Qiu village committee.The calligraphy and painting exhibition shows a total of 110 paintings and calligraphy works created by the county shuxie, three Zhao Shuxie and members of the surrounding towns and villages shuxie, and enterprise employees. They are filled with rich honesty and integrity, and are welcomed by cadres and the masses.Lvdu village in Ningjin County is the first calligraphy town in Hebei Province, with a state-level poetry school, two provincial-level calligraphy villages, four Xingtai city-level painting and calligraphy villages, as well as sanzhao Calligraphy Society, Wu Calligraphy school, Luze Calligraphy and Painting Institute, Leizhuang Calligraphy Association and other calligraphy groups, the town has a strong cultural atmosphere.Zhao Ping qiu Village in the history of thousands of ancient castle – guangying castle, out of the Ming Dynasty famous lian Feng Ying.Zhaoping Qiuzhong Village has been awarded as “Health Village of Hebei Province”, “Beautiful Village of Hebei Province”, “Civilized Village of Xingtai City”, “Model Village of Changing customs and Customs of Xingtai City”, “Advanced Grassroots Party Organization of Ningjin County”, etc. In 2021, it was also awarded as “Advanced Grassroots Party Organization of Xingtai City” and “Calligraphy Village of Xingtai City”.In 2021, Continental villages and towns seized the opportunity of being listed as a demonstration town of clean rural construction in the county, organically integrated painting and calligraphy culture with clean rural construction, and created a clean party style, political style, village style and people style for high-quality catch-up and development.Next, mainland villages will take this opportunity to dig deeper into the western culture, fully enlarge “the calligraphy of the township in hebei province” brand influence, and use it as a “country revitalization, culture first, honesty and escort” plots, create famous town of the clean and honest culture, calligraphy and painting culture strong town, to enhance the whole town cultural soft power, social cohesion and centripetal force,To promote the high-quality development of economic society to provide strong spiritual power and cultural support, promote the integrity of the county culture, painting and calligraphy career to a new level to make new contributions.Zhao nakamura will put clean into rural culture and calligraphy and painting, strengthen school school, martial arts culture, calligraphy and painting culture inheritance, carry forward the advanced culture, culture, and to carry out the transforming social traditions, give full play to their role as the calligraphy, martial arts culture of soft power, boost local custom civilization construction vigorously, to achieve the whole town and county honest culture, the country revitalization of leader.