Double Olympic bird’s nest, “a snowflake” lit the heart of the torch

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The opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games was unveiled at 20:00 Beijing time on February 4, when fireworks in the sky displayed a dazzling countdown of 10 numbers.Double Olympic bird’s Nest, with a snowflake flame, lit the Olympic flame in people’s hearts on this night.The Bird’s Nest, the National Stadium of China, also made history, becoming the only stadium in the world that hosted the opening ceremony of both the Winter Olympics and the Summer Olympics.Arriving at this familiar venue, the topic of conversation became the same: 14 years ago, in the middle of summer in Beijing, what were you doing then?Fedel of Australia, who works for the International Olympic Committee, has been in Beijing since September to oversee the technical side of the games.”When I was in Australia 14 years ago, I watched the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics on TV. It was without a doubt the best opening ceremony ever!”Knowing that the special correspondent of Yangcheng Evening News was also in the stadium on the opening night of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, he gave a thumbs-up and even called it lucky!And this time, he wondered, how will the flame be lit?”I’ve got a few ideas, but I’ll keep them to myself and see if I’m right!””My husband was in the Bird’s Nest the night of the opening ceremony in 2008. He told me it was a wonderful night. I’m here today, it was a great experience!”Li Ran, a reporter from Xinmin Evening News, is also a reporter of the “Double Olympics”. On the night of the opening ceremony in 2008, she was in Sanlitun to cover the city’s landscape. When she turned her head, she saw the fireworks of the opening ceremony from afar.Now, people gather at the Bird’s Nest to witness the birth of a new miracle of ice and snow.This city and this stadium bear the memory of many people for 14 years, and this night, the Bird’s Nest, also crowded with new friends from all over the world.Zhang Yimou, the general director of the opening ceremony, used Li Bai’s poem “Yanshan Snow is as big as a sheet” and the Western proverb “No two snowflakes are the same in the world” to express the idea that different snowflakes together make up a beautiful winter, while the scene used a snowflake throughout the entire opening ceremony.When the snowflakes with the names of participating countries (regions) gather together on the ice, together to build a huge snowflake;When the snow was falling slowly on the huge screen, the children were playing happily on the ice holding doves of peace, and everyone in the press gallery smiled at each other. The idea of “The world is one, the world is one” had floated into everyone’s heart.Foreign journalists around him even sang a few lines of “Together for the Future.”The interpretation of “Ice and Snow Five Rings” is also filled with Romantic imagination of Chinese poetry, interpreting the “meaning of breaking the ice”.From a drop of ice blue ink falling from the sky, into the Yellow River water, pouring down;Then a huge mass of water rises from the ice and freezes.The history of the host cities of the past 23 Winter Olympics, with 24 “laser cutters” carved around the stadium, flashback to the final “2022 Beijing, China”.Ice hockey players interact with the video hockey puck, and the ice Cube is carved into a crystal clear ice and snow five rings.In Chinese culture, “breaking the ice” represents breaking barriers, resolving conflicts, approaching each other and understanding each other.The final torch relay and lighting ceremony, also around the “Snow”.Accompanied by the children’s chorus of “Snowflake, Snowflake”, the torch was passed from zhao Weichang (born in the 1950s), Li Yan (born in the 1960s), Yang Yang (born in the 1970s), Su Bingtian (born in the 1980s) and Zhou Yang (born in the 1990s) to zhao Jiwen and Dinigel Iramujiang (born in the 2000s), who climbed onto the platform.The torch is gently inserted into the center of the “Snowflake”, and the “snowflake” rises slowly with the torch, swaying and rotating gently in the center of the stadium. Fireworks and silver flowers are seen in the night sky.Looking at the burning Fire of the Olympic Games, turning into a small fire as holy and smart as snow, the foreign reporters around said softly: “The Romance of the Chinese people!””Low-carbon environmental protection” and “simple and wonderful” were the most popular comments after the opening ceremony.This little flame, in the cold night, gently lit the fire in people’s hearts, will eventually become the most brilliant Olympic flame!(for more news and information, please pay close attention to guangzhou send source | guangzhou yangcheng evening news · sent pictured above | xinhua coordinating editor | jing-song liang