Advice to all parents: children are born and raised by you, but not your private property

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Amitabha Network friendly!Because of the epidemic, our management is very strict.My students and I haven’t been in touch or together.A few days ago, when my son celebrated his 80th birthday for me, my student also wanted to see me, but failed to come.I still want to see me and have something to say to me.I let the younger son to pick him up, after receiving the younger son said you have a serious talk.I’ll go and pick you up later.This young man was sick since childhood, is after 90, several years disappeared, he said to me: Wang teacher you old are not like, I said he you grow up.He told me about an incident that happened in their house in the last few days. It was so creepy!We know more than ten years, his performance is very good, often help us these old people, especially to help me move, although called although to, every winter back to me to take some of the cabbage, and pickles and so on.He said he was lonely, had no one to talk to, and couldn’t understand why his father hit him because of one sentence. He was 28 years old, and he still did it. His father reported him, and two policemen came and handcuffed him to The Anding Hospital, and he was sent to the hospital four times.Because we both study Buddhism and traditional culture, I am the oldest. A few years ago, we made CDS with our own money and gave them to others for free. It was also because of me that he got acquainted with CDS and books, and he was always grateful to me.Although he is the youngest, he is not restless.His mother runs a shop that makes wedding quilts and other collections, and recently he likes to make traditional clothes.His sister-in-law and her family are in the clothing business.I really support his idea.I’d love to help him set up an online store.He also likes to cook and make tofu. Yesterday, he cooked for me all night and brought it to me for a look.The child is a good boy, advise the parents of the child, the child like traditional culture is not wrong, and not promiscuous in the society, and do not make trouble, why not for their own good son and proud, but also reported him, but also sent him to the stable hospital, his head after electrocution lost memory.Now slowly recovering, we saw him, from his speech and behavior observed for several hours, everything is normal, in addition to good or good, so advise the child’s parents do not have to have been 28 years old young people left a shadow in the heart, hurt their own only roots and seedlings do not think!