Asparagus has “4 fear”, do wrong easy yellow leaves, no wonder always keep bad

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Asparagus has “4 fear”, do wrong easy yellow leaves, no wonder always raise bad asparagus is a very beautiful ornamental plants, its beautiful branches and leaves, green all the year round, very suitable for placing in the home of the sitting room, study and other places to watch.Although asparagus is very beautiful, but many flower friends say that it is particularly difficult to raise, often bought back, raising a short time will appear yellow leaves, until all withered.Asparagus is really a very delicate plant, it has “4 fear”, do wrong it is easy to appear rotten root yellow leaves, no wonder a lot of people always raise bad.Light exposure when our family have asparagus, also want to have the so-called knowledge of its basic growth habit, it is like half shade plants, very afraid of glare, a lot of friends have asparagus, it and other flowers plant put together a very bright light, other flowers grow in the sun is very strong, the asparagus to be basked in easily, cause plant appeared yellow leaves wither.Asparagus this shade like plants, it is best not to let it receive direct sunlight, especially in the summer, the sun is too strong, put outside a day can wither in the sun.In other seasons, it can be placed in a weak scattering light environment, so that it appropriately receives some weak light, can meet the needs of plant growth.So in the maintenance of asparagus, first of all, we should pay attention to not put it in the sun directly, in order to prevent the plant from being sunburned.Afraid of strong fertilizers asparagus branches slender, not a lot of demand for nutrients, don’t feed it too often go at ordinary times, if the master is bad to the concentration of the water, is likely to cause fire root, asparagus it is fleshy roots, is very young, fertilizing too frequently and the water is too strong, easy to cause damage to the root, root rot will happen after the damage, make the branches and leaves yellowing withered away.Family potted asparagus, generally small POTS, fertilization should strictly control the amount of fertilizer, do not apply too much fertilizer at one time, too much fertilizer is too thick, the plant can not absorb.Also try not to pour into the flowerpot, not fermented rice water, milk, tea water, etc..Raise this kind of view leaf plant, can prepare bottle general type plant nutrient liquid at home, the rich tree in the home, green luo, chlorophyta, etc., can give it some watering, after diluting each water, can let it grow very luxuriant.Afraid of the soil moist for a long time we keep of asparagus in the home, and yellow leaves many appear in the process of maintenance, because do not have good water, asparagus, although like to grow in the high humidity of the air environment, but the plant is also very afraid of flooding, if every time not wait until the soil dry is frequent to nourish, will make the soil is too wet, root damage decay,The upper branches and leaves will wither without the nourishment provided by the root system.Keep asparagus most avoid watering too much too often, in the indoor maintenance of asparagus potted, water evaporation is slow, watering time interval should also be slightly longer, or until the basin soil 80% dry, and then to give it water permeable.If the surrounding air environment is very dry, often use a spray can to increase the humidity of the environment, to prevent the leaves from drying.Afraid of low temperature environment many flower friendly culture of arbushwood, in winter more prone to the phenomenon of yellow leaves, and this season yellow leaves, many are because of the ambient temperature is too low, or in a closed environment, the lack of ventilation.Asparagus is a plant that is not hardy to cold. In winter, it needs to be moved to a warm room for maintenance. If the ambient temperature is below 5℃, its branches and leaves will turn yellow and the plant is prone to frostbite.Maintain asparagus in a heated room, but also in good weather, often ventilation, and keep the pot away from heating facilities, such as around the radiator, and air conditioning vents, etc., are easy to cause the yellow leaves of the plant wilt.The family raises asparagus potted, as long as according to its growth habit, do it well above 4 points, can let the plant grow luxuriant, and avoid the phenomenon of yellow leaves.If you want to know more about flower growing, please pay attention to the garden and share your flower growing experience every day!(Some pictures in the article come from the network, if there is infringement contact delete)