Changjiang was selected into the ninth batch of demonstration units of national Ethnic unity and progress Demonstration Zone

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According to hainan daily client 丨 reporter wen-jun zhang Special correspondent Huang Zhaoxue The correspondent Feng Ding kun for advanced incentive, demonstrative leading, comprehensive in-depth lasting national unity progress to create work, through strict selection, the state has decided to name the country’s 236 districts, unit for the ninth national unity progress after the demonstration area demonstration unit, name is valid for five years,Changjiang Li Autonomous County is on the list.It is understood that Changjiang is an ethnic minority area, there are 104,800 ethnic people such as Li and Miao, accounting for 41.18% of the total population of the county.In recent years, Changjiang based on the county situation, actively carry out the national national unity and progress demonstration area demonstration unit to create work.County to cast on community awareness of the Chinese nation as the main line, to the national unity progress demonstration demonstration unit to create work as an opportunity to further practice the concept of “green water castle peak is the jinshan silver”, as a whole integrated poverty engines, ethnic minorities development fund and will be the second batch of “green water castle peak is the jinshan yinshan” has practice innovation base into a tourist destination,Let the Li people eat “tourist meals” at home.In order to comprehensively deepen reform and innovation, Changjiang has implemented policies such as educational immigration and ecological compensation. It has invested more than 96 million yuan in the construction of four educational immigration schools, including vocational education center and ethnic middle school. 5,199 ethnic minority students have benefited from these schools, and 501 of them have realized their dream of going to college.The county also dispatched 92 “first secretaries” and 132 members of the rural revitalization team to ethnic minority administrative villages. At the same time, the county annually invested 80 percent of its financial resources to do good and practical things for the people of all ethnic groups.Over the years, The national unity of Changjiang remarkable achievements, won many national and provincial honorary titles.In 2017, Changjiang was awarded the second batch of national “Four Good Rural Road” demonstration county, and Litao Cooperative of Baotu Village was awarded the fifth batch of national ethnic unity and progress demonstration unit.In 2018, the county was awarded the national rule of law county establishment activities advanced unit, Wangxiaxiang was awarded the province’s first national “clear water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains” practice and innovation base.In 2019, the county was named “National Civilized City” county-level nominated city and national New Era Civilization Practice Center pilot county, Changjiang Siyuan Experimental School was named national Model group of ethnic unity and progress, jiaohe Town Paian Village was named Chinese Ethnic Minority village.In 2020, the county was awarded the sixth National Advanced City for the Ideological and moral construction of minors, as well as the National Health county and hainan Ethnic unity and progress demonstration Area.Duty Director: Chu Yu Duty Director: Shi Yajie Content review: Fan Xueling Editor: Zeng Jing