Forty percent of young people said they would not work overtime even if their salary was cut

2022-08-05 0 By

Since March, more than a dozen provinces and cities, including Beijing, Shandong and Anhui, have announced intensive investigations and rectification of overtime work.In fact, in recent years, many young people have found that the workplace is so serious that they are escaping from the work that requires overtime and choosing relatively relaxed jobs.On average, the post-1990 generation has changed jobs 2.4 times, and 20 percent of those who have already worked in the 2000s have changed jobs twice, according to the 2022 Youth Job-hopping Report released by media.Education and training have the highest job-hopping rate, followed by the Internet and retail industries, according to the report.In addition, the education and training industry has the highest average salary increase of 24.1% after changing jobs.Personal development and salary topped the list of reasons for job-hopping.In addition, interpersonal relationship is the main reason for young people to change jobs.More than 80% of young people are willing to take a salary cut to job-hopping. The top three reasons are large promotion space, no overtime and starting over.More than 40 percent of young people are willing to change jobs to avoid overtime and pay cuts, according to a survey.So, high salary but busy work need to work overtime, easy no overtime but low salary, which do you choose?