Is it better to have a male dog or a dog?Experience tells you, the difference is so big

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The female dog is the small winter wind leakage cotton-padded jacket, and the male dog is the intimate small summer cotton-padded jacket, so it is better to keep a male dog or a dog, experience tells you, the original difference is so big!Well-rounded vs. Well-built male Dogs: Male dogs generally look “bigger” than female dogs.This is because male dogs have more androgens, making them rounder and stronger females: the female’s body shape is designed to give the impression of physical elegance.Don’t get pregnant vs easy to get pregnant male dogs: Male dogs turn their heads and run away after mating, feeling a bit irresponsible and not getting pregnant or being cared for.Female dog: female dog and male dog after mating is very easy to get pregnant, the owner needs to take care of the pregnant female dog, but also take care of the birth of female dog, help the dog with the young, it is recommended that the owner take the dog to neuter.Active vs. Passive male dogs: Male dogs in heat will urinate everywhere to mark territory. They may smell like urine all over the house and run away from home to mate with female dogs.Female dogs: Female dogs make noises all the time when they are in heat, which can annoy others and affect their owners.Neutering male dogs: Neutering male dogs is an external procedure with faster recovery time and less cost than female dogs.Female dog: female dog is an internal operation, recovery is slow, but also need the careful care of the owner, and the cost of neutering will be more quiet vs heartless male dog: lively, active, is simply heartless.Female dogs: Most become quiet as adults, with no male dogs to cling to.Male dogs are clingy and interact better with their owners. If you want to raise a lively dog, you are advised to choose male dogs.In order to strengthen the bond with your dog, it is best to interact with your dog, play with him, and treat him with snacks. He will be more willing to approach you.For example, this “greedy not greasy duck dried meat”, selected duck meat, drying production, good taste, but also reduce fire effect, dogs eat not fire, used as a grinding teeth training snack is the best.Male dogs: Most male dogs grow to be rounder and cuter. Male dogs secrete male hormones, which promote hair growth, making it more beautiful and shiny.Female dogs: Female dogs have relatively handsome faces and are smaller than male dogs.But the appearance of hair of the dog is also a master of nursing, want a dog with smooth hair and fat face, choose a best dog dog food is the staple food in high protein content, small make up recommend gluten-free foods of “pet”, meat content as high as 66%, with five kinds of meat, protein is rich, can increase a dog’s appetite, also containing fish and seaweed powder for good hair,On top of that, it comes with a test report to ensure your dog’s health.Conclusion: Do you prefer male dogs or female dogs?