Exploring byd “Tang” with Both Appearance level and Connotation

2022-08-06 0 By

Joint venture car tremble, today we walk into the world of BYD “Tang”.In terms of appearance, the front face is full of momentum, and the chrome-plated decoration gives people a sense of fashion and luxury. The overall design is young and fashionable, with the banner type air intake grille and the through-type LED light group.Body side, domineering, simple lines outline the sense of muscle, identification is very high, through the waist line and fierce hub design, coupled with blackened treatment, head turn rate, further embellishment of the body of dynamic.In terms of interior decoration, the d-type multi-functional steering wheel and suspended central control screen design are full of sense of science and technology. With the whole soft bag interior, it looks more textured and grand.Fuel consumption this aspect is not to mention, 2.0t large displacement, 100 km fuel consumption only 5.6L, you say it is not sweet?In addition to the large space design for 7 seats, it specially meets the travel needs of our family now.Tang Dmi is equipped with front/rear head airbags, front/rear parking radar, active brake/active safety system and other 11 safety configurations, which can escort you on the road.The panoramic skylight can be opened, which greatly improves the lighting effect of the car, and can provide passengers with a better ride experience.The appearance presents a delicate design style, and the smooth line design gives a harmonious aesthetic feeling.Today’s introduction of this car I do not know whether you move?