Hangzhou enterprises continue to resume work!Some enterprises increased capacity to 90% on the first day of operation

2022-08-06 0 By

A heavy snow has not yet melted.Early this morning, Chen Kai, chairman of Hangzhou Huapu Yongming Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. and several founders stood at the gate of the company to greet the partners who started work after the holiday.”Auspicious snow is a good omen, one person send a red envelope.””On my first day back at work, we arranged a dragon dance, which was very lively,” Chen said.It is understood that this enterprise specializes in manufacturing outdoor high-power LED lamps and lanterns.”The production base is in Changxing, Huzhou, and about 200 people in hangzhou headquarters have all resumed work.””I have a piece of good news for the staff,” Chen told reporters.The good news is that the headquarters will be moved to the software park in the north this year.”It’s more complete, the commute is faster and the job feels more decent.”An employee said that the New Year will be a great success.Founded in 2011, this year marks the beginning of the company’s second “10-year plan”.With the good news of moving into a new house, Chen Kai shared the theme of the second “decade” : integration.”Into the lighting industry, into China’s big manufacturing industry, but also into the tide of China’s industrial Internet.”He said.Hangzhou Zhongmei Huadong Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., which also resumed production today, pulled its production capacity to 90% on the first day.”We kept one production line during the Lunar New Year holiday and started to resume other production lines the day before yesterday.”Hu Qunyan, director of the company’s office, said, “Nearly 2,600 people who met the epidemic prevention requirements in the Hangzhou company have all returned to work.”It is understood that all employees must meet the current epidemic prevention requirements of Gongshu District.”In addition, the company also needs to review the travel track and nucleic acid status of staff returning to Hangzhou.””Those who do not meet the requirements work from home,” Hu said.In order to boost everyone’s confidence and secure the resumption of work, the company’s executives worked in groups early in the morning to personally send red envelopes and New Year wishes to employees in different departments.In addition, the public areas are destroyed as required.”Public areas are guaranteed at least two decontamination per day, canteen must be decontaminated every day, and we remind people to keep a safe distance when queuing.”Hu Said.In order to further deepen the prevention and control work and create a safe and healthy environment for the stable and orderly production and operation of enterprises, the relevant staff of gongshu District Market Supervision Bureau worked overtime during the Spring Festival and launched the “Physical prevention online” APP yesterday, which was directly accessed from the “Zheli Office” and greatly improved the supervision efficiency through the iot sensing equipment.”For example, in the qianjiang small commodity market, our staff have installed AI cameras connected to ‘Wufangonline’.”Yu Weijun, director of the Daguan Market Supervision Office of gongshu District Market Supervision Bureau, said, “Businesses have also been told how to use the platform.”At the same time, hangzhou Gubuy Special Trading Co., LTD., an import meat business enterprise in xiaohe Street, was issued by gongshu District Market Supervision Bureau with a notice of resumption of work and production of imported cold chain food production and operation units.”As the first meat import business in Zhejiang, they must ensure that the imported meat sold after the resumption of work needs to have ‘entry-exit inspection and quarantine certificate’, ‘nucleic acid certificate’, ‘elimination certificate’ and ‘Zhejiang cold chain code’.”Qi Mengqi, deputy director of food production and circulation department of Gongshu District Market Supervision Bureau, said, “People who import cold-chain food and fruits need to take nucleic acid tests every two days.””Since the epidemic prevention and control work began, we have taken the initiative to provide services, timely collected and coordinated problems, explained new regulations and requirements of the policy, and created a better business environment,” said Lu Jian, head of the industry and Information Technology management department of gongshu District Development, Economic reform and Information Technology Bureau.