It is highly likely that the pension will be raised in 2022. Four factors will affect the pension increase

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Today, let’s talk about pension adjustment.It is going to be the Chinese New Year, after the year, basically will usher in the 2022 pension adjustment work, so for the 2022 pension adjustment, the majority of retirees, also have high expectations.While some retirees are looking forward to it, there is also some worry that the pension will be raised this year.Basis our country “social insurance law” regulation, when income of price rises in our country, people rises, annuities can be adjusted for certain.According to the National Bureau of Statistics, China’s per capita disposable income in 2021 has reached 35,128 yuan, an actual increase of 8.1%, and many experts have predicted that this year’s pension will continue to rise.So from the pension adjustment plan in previous years, the size of the pension increase has a great relationship with these four factors.The first factor is age.We know want to retire there are legal and emeritus threshold stipulated by the state, and in the pension of adjustment scheme, and older age threshold, in general, only 70 years of age and older age, to participate in the tilt adjustment of – old, only in some parts of the threshold is 65 – year – old, so is there any age tilt adjustment,It’s important to adjust your pension.The second factor is region.Specific for, get the influence of quantity of population of this area economy development, old age, the norm of different area adjusts amount, the tilt scale that adjusts each to annuities, it is different.For example, in first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, the amount of quota adjustment will be slightly higher, and in cities with heavier pension burden, the quota adjustment may be slightly lower.In addition, the emphasis of pension adjustment programs in different regions is different. For example, some regions attach great importance to the role of the payment period, such as Jiangsu Province;Some places attach great importance to the overall pension level, such as Shanghai;In some areas, such as Tibet, the quota adjustment is very high.The third factor is the length of contribution and the level of pension.The principle of annuities adjustment did not change, it is long capture much as before, much capture much.In other words, the longer the contribution period is, the larger the pension adjustment amount will be. When you are young, the higher the contribution base is, the higher the pension level will be when you retire.According to Shanghai’s adjustment plan last year, the higher the level of pension, the greater the intensity of pension increase.The fourth factor is the timing of retirement.Generally speaking, pension adjustment is for last year and before, has retired friends, if it is retired in that year, generally will not participate in this year’s pension adjustment.For example, those who retire in January 2022 will not be able to participate in the 2022 pension adjustment.Since it is an increase, it must be for those who will start receiving pension in 2021.And friends who retire in 2022 will be involved in the recalculation of the pension at the end of the year, so it is also good to get a retroactive pension after the new social welfare salary data comes out.After that, pension adjustments for 2023 can follow.