Suzhou has upgraded its epidemic prevention and control efforts

2022-08-06 0 By

In order to contain the internal spread and spillover of the epidemic, passengers leaving Suzhou via railway are required to provide negative nucleic acid test proof within 48 hours, and check their body temperature, health code and travel card before entering the station and taking a bus.In order to further strengthen the prevention and control of external traffic in Suzhou, the city has closed 18 new expressway entrances and 4 Yangtze River ferry crossings since midnight on December 16.An additional 32 traffic prevention and control inspection points will be set up.A total of 37 traffic lanes were closed in the city;63 traffic prevention and control inspection points have been set up, among which 9 special logistics channels are limited to freight vehicles.There were no new confirmed cases in Huzhou from 0 to 24:00 on February 15, 2022.As of 24:00 On February 15, 12 confirmed cases had been reported in The city, including 2 imported cases.As of 10 o ‘clock On February 16, the risk levels of 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) and xinjiang Production and Construction Corps were listed in the following table for details (newly added or newly adjusted regions have been marked in blue) :(1) If the retrospective period of health management measures is not specified, the retrospective period shall be 14 days from the date of publication.”14+7″ health management measures will be implemented for those with overlapping activity paths of positive cases.When screening people who are practicing “2+14” health management measures, if they are found to have clinical symptoms or epidemiological history of COVID-19, they can be upgraded to “3+11” health management measures (i.e. 3-day home health observation + 11-day daily health monitoring, nucleic acid testing on days 1, 3, 7, and 14).(2) “14+7” health management measures: the first 14 days of centralized isolation for medical observation, the first, third, seventh and 14th days of nucleic acid test, nucleic acid test should be carried out on the 14th day of “double sampling and double testing”;Those with negative nucleic acid tests will continue to receive 7-day home health observation. Nucleic acid tests will be conducted on the second and seventh days of home health observation, and those with negative results will end the home health observation.Medical observers, such as infants, pregnant women and those with underlying diseases that are not suitable for centralized isolation, can be changed to home isolation for medical observation after being reviewed by the local epidemic prevention and control office.(3) “2+14” health management: that is, the negative certificate of novel Coronavirus nucleic acid test within 2 days (48 hours) upon arrival in Deqing shall be tested.Those without proof shall be guided to the nearest designated places such as comprehensive service points for nucleic acid testing.Those with negative results were included in daily health monitoring for 14 days.During the routine health monitoring period, nucleic acid test shall be conducted on the third and 14th day respectively. If the result is negative, routine health monitoring shall be terminated.People returning to Germany from high-risk areas are requested to report to the local village committee or community neighborhood committee immediately, and coordinate with their villages (communities) to implement corresponding health management measures.Migrant workers from Guangxi, Yunnan and Guizhou shall take the main responsibilities of employers and take the initiative to take nucleic acid tests after coming to Deqing in accordance with the principle of “thorough inspection”.After January 31 to have suzhou east lake county, the second period (changle industrial park street), oasis Minneapolis (wujiang district ShengZeShun lake road), Jin Yuewan wuzhong district (this pu road), tianchen garden lung (gusu district wuzhong road), Beijing science and technology industrial park (Fang Zhoulu), as well as modern (industrial park avenue), industrial park, the second experiment elementary school,After February 12, “14+7” control measures will be implemented for those with a history of travel and residence in Kowloon Hospital, Shengze Hospital, Suzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Suzhou Municipal Hospital, and The General Hospital of The Children’s Hospital affiliated to Soochow University, as well as those who have paths crossing with confirmed cases (including asymptomatic infected persons).