Tried nissan xiaoke after bought guangqi Mitsubishi yi Ge

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Compact SUVs have always been popular with consumers. Today we are going to talk about two Japanese SUVs with stable quality — Mitsubishi Yige and Nissan Xiaoke.Owner wang wants to buy a joint venture compact SUV, 150 thousand did not buy Nissan xiao ke and bought guangqi Mitsubishi yi Ge, as for why to give up xiao ke and chose yi Ge?Wang said he valued the appearance, power, control, driving experience, although xiao ke and yi Song between hesitation, but in the actual test drive of two models, eventually chose Guangqi Mitsubishi Yi Song.Next, let’s listen to the song of game in what aspects left a deep impression on Xiao Wang.Appearance level: When it comes to Yi Ge, wang says one of the things that appeals to him is its distinctive appearance.Yige uses mitsubishi’s latest “Dynamic Shield” design language to make it look youthful and Dynamic.At the same time inherited mitsubishi Eclipse sports car elements of the double tail and sliding back design, as well as the body side up waist line, forming a low front high dynamic posture, highlighting a flexible and vigorous posture;In addition, the body uses a lot of hard straight lines to make it look more masculine, sharp, full of tension.As the appearance level control of Xiao Wang, yi Ge appearance is very satisfied, dynamic modeling on the road unique, very recognizable.In contrast, Nissan Xiaoke is using Nissan V-Motion design language, its appearance and Nissan’s More close to the Strange jun, has “small strange jun” said.V type front grille family breath is strong, the side and tail modelling are more concise and neat design, the overall style is fruity and full, give a person a feeling of calm at ease, in line with the aesthetic standards of most people, but for the pursuit of sports, personality of the small wang is less a few minutes attractive.Motivation: As a travel enthusiast, Wang buys a car not only for daily travel, but also to meet the needs of self-drive travel.So he first focused on comparing the dynamic performance of the two cars.Compared with the same price tag of the Yige and Xiaoke, the Yige is powered by a 1.5T turbocharged engine, which is matched by a simulated 8-speed CVT transmission.Although the displacement is 1.5T, but its actual performance is very surprising, the maximum power up to 125kW, peak torque of 250N·m.Xiaoke is equipped with a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine and simulates a 7-speed CVT transmission powertrain, with a maximum power of 111 Kw and a peak torque of 194N·m.The former has more peak torque and horsepower than the latter.In the actual test drive process, Yi Ge’s power advantage is very obvious, Wang said, Yi Ge’s overall power performance is very satisfying, smooth start, strong speed, good push-back sense, timely response.In D mode, the power runs smoothly, and matches well with the gearbox. Whether it is up or down, it is just right, and there is no need to worry about the problem of insufficient power.Xiaoke power adjustment is typical Nissan style, the main comfortable line.The start is light and the power is abundant, but the disadvantage is that the power at high speed is slightly insufficient. Only when the throttle is heavier, can the desired effect be achieved, bringing a feeling of not timely dynamic response.Control performance: Wang mentioned that the ultimate choice of Mitsubishi Yi Ge reason also lies in the mitsubishi hundred years of car manufacturing technology.Yige inherits the essence of Mitsubishi Brand, equipped with professional SUV chassis adjustment, four-wheel independent suspension and super all-wheel electronic control four-wheel drive system, the vehicle has more advantages in passability and handling performance than the new Xiaoke.Among them, Dakar champion Masoka Hiroshi participated in the training of the front and rear fully independent suspension, tight and powerful structure, clear road sense feedback, and the standard top rod for fine vibration of the filter sense is very strong, comfort and driving feeling are taken good care of.The top and second top matching models of Yige are equipped with S-AWC super all-wheel control system derived from racing EVO, which provides automatic, snow and gravel modes covering various driving situations.Wang said, test drive yi Ge, in the face of some of the corners of the road, the body slightly inclined to the side, still stable through, giving a sense of peace of mind.It can be said that the suspension supports the vehicle in place, effectively balancing the dynamic and comfortable, and can easily and calmly through a variety of complex road conditions.