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Today is the fifth day of Chinese New Year. Have you started your return journey?If you have nothing to do on the road, you can click to see us, Kung Fu King has been restored.Every time I write about the right to use the project, there are always tearful complaints in the comment area. There are also thousands of words written by the owners to describe their experience of being pit, every word is sad…We wondered: remind so many times, how there are always small white inexplicably fell into the pit, and the way into the pit is always surprisingly similar.Let me first explain: the right to use the property itself has value, can revitalize the collective land, provide long-term and stable income for land owners, but also increase the supply of rental housing.Some people can buy, but the shortcomings of this kind of property is also very obvious, so that it is not easy to ship, there is always subjective induction deception in the sales process, so we decided to combine with the actual case, with a “pit prevention guide”, I hope everyone to buy and sell to be clear.Case of mistaken property right: Mr. A bought Jinshazhou Shenghe Meizhu with A total price of 350,000 yuan and confirmed the problem of the property right certificate for many times. The staff promised to centrally handle the personal property right certificate after five years or after the real estate is sold out for many times.Later found that the contract is wrong, contact the housing authority, just learned that developers have no sales license, the project can not enter the network, can not apply for independent property certificate.First of all, let’s make clear what is the nature of the right to use the project?It is generally rented by the developer to the land owner or village collective in the form of lease, the development enterprise obtains the right to use the land, the property right is still in the hands of the owner or village collective.Therefore, what the developer sells can only be the right to use the property, rather than property rights, and the buyer can only sign a “XX project property right transfer contract”, rather than a purchase contract.| project property rights transfer contract to put it bluntly, between you and this house, is the leasing relationship.According to the Contract Law: the term of the housing lease contract shall not exceed 20 years, and the excess part shall be invalid.It should be noted that, according to the provisions of the “Guangdong Province Collective Construction Land Use Right Transfer Management Measures”, the lease term of more than 20 years but not more than the same use of state-owned land use right transfer of the maximum number of years, the excess part is still valid.So, the land lease contract that should see development business and village collective sign specifically is how many years.At this point, the seller might say, “Don’t worry, you can renew it when it’s due.”You can be ten million long dim sum, property rights are not in your hands, people or village collective if not rented to recover the land, the house on the ground has nothing to do with you.If the city of Guicheng Liri square, the right to use 2045, expired after the land and buildings on the ground, attachments by the collective land ownership of free recovery, when the house and you have nothing to do with, whether to renew who is also not sure.The most important is, according to the current relevant national policies, the right to use the project can not handle the “certificate of real estate right”.Because there is no property ownership certificate, the future of the project surrounding the rise and fall have nothing to do with you, if the lack of money to sell, find a successor xia are difficult.So, how to identify the project land nature?The most direct, inquiry project without dealing with commercial housing pre-sale license.| normal commodity house opens to booking licence second, keep an eye, in the center of the sales to double the public documents of public area, if found to have signed with the village collective land lease contracts, mostly use projects.Again, look at the price.Other people sell houses in the same area for $20,000, but here they sell for $8,000. There must be something wrong.Case: When Mr. B subscribed for a unit in Liri Square, he found that the developer advertised to the unspecified public that the house could be used for both commercial and residential purposes.At the same time, Mr. B also found that there were sanitary ware, bedrooms, beds and other daily necessities in the model room, confusing the purpose of the property.The residential layout of the model room will make visitors mistakenly think that the right to use the property can live.| show a right to use property, however, to use property housing purposes, government departments have specific provision.For example, Nanhai District “Opinions on Strengthening the Management of Non-residential Land” and planning and design points and other documents stipulate: (1) rural collective construction land projects shall not build residential or similar residential houses (apartments, serviced apartments, apartment-style office, SOHO office, property rights hotel);② It is not allowed to conduct illegal publicity and sales in the name of commodities and apartments with residential properties;③ Non-residential buildings, such as commercial, office and supporting facilities, shall not be used for residential purposes during the use of the project.In fact, in addition to the right to use the project, some property apartments are also playing a marginal ball, so that many small white buyers think can live.Back to ten thousand steps, in fact, you quietly live, also will not be how, but such a product can not handle residence permit, more can not settle down to read.Case 1: After Miss C carelessly signed a contract for the right to use a project in Dali, the next day the sales staff tried to prevent her from reading the terms of the document again.Case 2: all because of the use of on-site sales “house ownership certificate is not useful lease contract, there is a contract after the house is yours.”And so on, Mr. D signed a “Contract of transfer of the right to use jinsha Beauty Building”.In the process that sees a house, those who buy a house to communicate most is sell, intermediary, some sell to sell a house, really what lie can come out, after they clinch a deal get commission, be responsible to this one sheet business no longer, want to look for them to return a house refund, ascend heaven with difficulty.At this time, you must stay awake, do not be sold brainwashed and the scene of the lively atmosphere of the water army set off disrupted rhythm, the contract must see word for word, there is doubt immediately put forward, when necessary, recording photos, leaving evidence for future investigation.Because the right to use the project has no property rights, it cannot be changed into cash in the future, nor can it be mortgaged, so it is difficult to maintain and increase the value of the function. The only way to obtain income is to rent out.In terms of rental return, some projects will be packaged in the form of leaseback. “x year leaseback, rental return x %”, “don’t worry about yourself, there is a monthly rental income to the account” and other words become attractive points.Although the promise of leaseback income varies from project to project, the common denominator of the publicity is: zero risk, high return.But you think, really have such a good thing, developers will look for intermediaries to promote, often call harassment you?For example, Kung Fu King once stepped on the first ocean Kingdom built by Chao ‘an in Chan Cheng and sold the shops to use the right of use, with a monthly profit of nearly 5,000 yuan, according to the sales. However, all these are generated under ideal conditions. In case of poor management, the buyers will lose all their money.For example, Gaoming Gordon Plaza promised to enjoy 12 months of guaranteed rent +35% profit sharing every year, and the monthly rent increased by 10% every two years, attracting many investors. Later, the project was suspected of illegally absorbing public deposits, and the relevant person in charge was detained according to law.Here to remind, the purchase of the right to use the property delivery of the house, directly into the developer account, the lack of funds related to the department of supervision, once the developer capital fracture, the buyer is basically helpless, talk about what income are useless.In addition, some project property, hotel rent-back 3-5 years later, after the old indoor soft installation, the custody company may appear unilateral termination of the contract, the rights and interests of buyers is difficult to get legal protection.